Lightning Awareness Week initiative hopes to spark emphasis on personal safety

Published Jun 17, 2017 at 4:00pm

In an effort to teach lightning safety, the National Weather Service will hold New York Sate Lightning Awareness Week next week, the agency has announced.

The week invites all state residents to learn more about the dangers of lightning and how to be prepared. Information will be available daily on their website

Among the tips and advice aimed at keeping people safe from lightning strikes include:

• No place outside is safe when thunderstorms are in the area.

• If you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you.

• Get off elevated areas, such as hills or mountain ridges.

• Never lie flat on the ground.

• Never shelter under an isolated tree or use a cliff or rocky overhang.

• Stay away from ponds, lakes and other bodies of water, as well as objects that conduct electricity, like barbed wires fences, power lines and windmills.

• When you hear thunder, immediately move to a safe shelter, including substantial buildings and enclosed, metal-topped vehicles with the windows up.

• Stay in the safe shelter at least 30 minutes after you hear the last sound of thunder.

• When inside, stay off corded phones, computers and other electronic devices.

• Avoid plumbing, including sinks, baths and faucets.

• Stay off porches and away from windows and doors.

• Do not lie on concrete floors and lean against concrete walls.