Arson determined cause of two fires in Utica

Published Dec 4, 2017 at 4:00pm

Two fires that occurred in the City of Utica during the months of October and November have been determined incendiary, according to fire officials.

Assistant Fire Chief George W. Clark said a blaze that occurred at 401 South St. at 2:52 a.m. Oct. 28 originated on the first floor side porch. Flames extended into the building at the basement, first floor, second floor and attic, and as a result the east side was extensively damaged. Clark said cause of the blaze was arson, but the investigation continues. The residents were temporarily displaced and relocated, he said.

And on Nov. 5 at 8:10 p.m., a fire originated in the driver compartment of a vehicle that also threatened to spread to other cars and the building at 1310 Lansing St. Clark said that was also determined to be arson and is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, three other blazes at 33-35 Waverly Place Oct. 28, at 749 Elizabeth St. Nov. 18 and at 1225 City St. on Nov. 18, were determined to be caused by improperly discarded smoking materials and a kitchen accident, Clark said adding that people should make that smoking materials are fully extinguished properly.

Also, people should carefully install and maintain kitchen appliances, especially stoves and ovens.