Variety of ways to make indoors adventurous for pet cats

Published Jun 25, 2017 at 9:00am

Keeping your cat as an indoor cat is not only healthier but safer for them. It does put some limitations on their activity level both physically and mentally. But there are ways or you to keep them occupied both mentally and physically. 

Some ways for you to enrich your cats life are with different types of toys. Foraging toys, such as puzzle feeders and treat dispensers will help satisfy a cats instinct to hunt for food.

Self play toys, such as balls, springs and catnip filled mice encourage cats to do something they enjoy, running, jumping and pouncing.

Then there are interactive toys, such as wand toys which help to strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Not all toys have to be expensive, as any cat owner knows most cats will be just as happy playing with an empty box, a wadded up piece of paper, the ring off a plastic milk jug or most anything that they can chase that is safe for them.

Cats are climbers. Being off the ground can give them a sense of security. Getting a cat tree gives your cat a place to climb and a higher perch where they can relax and feel safe.

You can also install shelves on walls and window perches.

Cats need sensory stimulation also. Placing cat trees by windows allows cats to watch birds or other small animals outside as well as enjoy a nice sunny day. You can also play videos made specifically to entertain cats.

Cats also like to scratch so the best way to prevent them from scratching your furniture is to supply them with scratching posts.

Scratching allows your cat to trim their nails, exercise and stretch their muscles. Always give them more than one place to scratch.

Keeping your cat active and happy is a way to keep them on a healthy path. When you get to know your cat you’ll get to know their personality and know what objects and activities they prefer. 

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