Three ways to give back in April: National Volunteer Month

Published Mar 26, 2017 at 9:00am

April, which is National Volunteer Month, is an excellent time to get involved in your community, according to senior living experts.

Here are three simple ways that seniors can give back to their communities, depending on how much time they have to commit to a cause.

One Afternoon

If life is complicated, consider a short, one-time project, such as a local park clean-up or tree-planting event.

Or, contact a local soup kitchen about pitching in at a meal.

A Weekly Commitment

Becoming a mentor or volunteer tutor offers a young person longer-term support and can improve his or her chances of success in school and beyond.

However, be prepared to clear out some time in your schedule every week.

One Large Project

If you have a large block of downtime, but can’t commit to an ongoing program, consider organizing a fundraiser.

Whether it’s a dance-off for heart health or a bake sale for veterans, there are plenty of ways to raise funds for an organization that matters to you.

National Volunteer Month is always a great reminder to use your time, energy and talents for good. (StatePoint)