Recognizing the benefits of adopting a senior animal

Published Oct 28, 2018 at 9:00am

Are you looking to add a new four-legged friend to your

Many people go to a shelter or rescue wanting to add a younger animal to their family.

Puppies and kittens or younger dogs and cats are adopted more quickly and more often than older or even senior animals.

The older an animal is the less appealing they are to some people and spend a much longer time in shelters.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month so next time you are walking through the shelter looking for your new family member take a second look at the older cats and dogs, get to know their personality and think about the positive reasons for adopting a senior pet.

• With a older pet you already know what you are getting. Their personality is already established.

• Older pets are often usually more mellow and tend to be more cuddly and loving companions.

• Older pets are already trained and will be less destructive as well as being already housebroken or litter trained.

So you don’t have to spend weeks or months training them. Which doesn’t mean that they can’t learn new things — its just that you can spend more time working on fun things than the often-more difficult basics.

• Older pets are often more socialized, they are used to being in a home and around people. Senior pets have so much love and compassion still to share, and they make the most amazing loving companions. They seem to know that you saved them and will show how grateful they are for the second chance that you give when you adopt them. 

Two of the wonderful seniors waiting to meet their new families at the Humane Society of Rome are:

Berkshire is a handsome 11-year-old guy. He’s one of the sweetest kitties in the shelter.

He’s a little shy. He wouldn’t be able to go to a home with small children or if you have dogs. He loves to be pet, once he warms up to you.

Please come visit him and give him some love at the shelter.

Phoebe is a beautiful 11-year-old lady. She is sweet and affectionate.

She really likes to held and petted. If you’re interested in a charming girl like her, please come down to meet her, she would love to meet you.