Make sure pets are also active during the cold months

Published Dec 31, 2017 at 9:00am

Now that the winter weather is upon us we need to find ways to keep our dogs active and healthy.

The dogs who would usually spend quite a bit of time outside running around and playing in the warm weather will be spending their time inside instead.

We as “pet parents” need to find ways for them to have fun and to keep them busy. There are some fun ways to keep them active and stimulated.

Since dogs are less active in the winter, make their meal time fun by feeding them using a feeding toy or puzzle dish. This allows them to eat slower and gives them a challenge to stimulate their mind.

Find games you can play indoors or adapt your outside games to be played indoors. Make sure you have the space you need and play a game of fetch with a soft toy. If they like playing tug with rope toys that is something you can do indoors. They will be getting some exercise without them getting too rambunctious.

Make treat time more interesting by using treat dispensing toys. Try a game of hide and seek by hiding treats around the house and letting them have fun finding them.  

Try replacing treats with healthier options such as chopped up carrots or by using pieces of their food.

Take them on adventures by taking them with you whenever possible. Take them to the pet store with you, pet friendly coffee shops or to visit family or friends.

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