Keep safety in mind during summer fun with pets

Published Jul 30, 2017 at 9:00am

Summer is here and not only do we want to keep our pets safe from heatstroke as well as fleas and ticks, but we want to be able to enjoy our time off with them.

There are some activities that we can’t share with them, but there are many things that we can do with them and for them. People who include their pets in their everyday activities forge stronger bonds with them. 

Always remember to have plenty of cool, fresh water available for them and you, especially if it is hot out and you are doing physical activities with them.  Always check ahead to make sure wherever it is you decide to take your dog is dog friendly. Here are a few ideas for activities that your dog might enjoy:

• You can take them to the beach for a nice stroll along the shore or maybe a dip in the water if they like to swim. 

• Take them camping or to the lake for a boat ride if they aren’t afraid, and for their safety, make sure they are wearing a life jacket if you take them on a boat.

• Go to the park and toss the Frisbee or play fetch, whatever your dog enjoys doing. Allow them to be part of your family picnic. Maybe even bring them a summer treat.

• Take them with you to an outdoor restaurant or cafe where they can hang out with you. You could also take them to local events that are centered around pets or where dogs are allowed to accompany you. 

• Hop in the car and go for a drive. Some dogs are just happy riding in the car with you enjoy the fresh air.

If you are just looking for some fun things for them to do around the house, you could do a fun photo shoot with them, teach them a new trick, get them a kiddie pool to play in or maybe make some frozen treats or ice pops for them to enjoy.

Our cats don’t usually accompany us on our outings so try to do something thoughtful for them.

Cats always appreciate some place to climb and watch birds or a new place to scratch. Build them a cat tree or condo, a window perch or a scratching post.

They would probably enjoy some new toys, even homemade ones.

Whatever it is that you do to enjoy your summer maybe it’s time to add a new fur kid to do things with.

The Humane Society of Rome has a bunch of sweet cats and dogs just waiting to join in on the fun. Two of these sweeties are:

Max is a 3-year-old male American pit bull/mix breed. He will make some lucky family a great companion. Won’t you give him a chance for a home? Stop in and meet him soon.

Presley is a 2-year-old male kitty who needs a home. He is curious, playful and he’s been known to chill on laps from time-to-time. He’s a handsome boy who would look beautiful in your home so please come meet him today.