Commitments to consider when adopting an animal

Published Dec 25, 2016 at 9:00am

Are you thinking about adding a pet to your family?

There are many things to consider before adopting because animals are a lifetime commitment.

Do your research to determine whether it’s the right time for you to add a pet to your household and what type of pet fits your lifestyle.

What kind of pet would be the right fit for your family? There are many animals to choose from: dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs or fish, are just a few of the choices. You should research the animals you are interested in to see what it takes to take care of them and whether you are able and willing to properly tend to their needs, such as what type of diet they require and how much exercise they may need. Some pets require more attention than others.

Take into consideration where you live. What type or size of animal you have room for as well as their activity level and whether you own or rent your home. If you rent you will need to get permission from the property owner.

A large active dog will not do well in a small apartment, they would be better suited for bigger house with a yard.

You should think about your budget. Can you afford not only the food or any items they may need such as toys, beds and cages.

There is also the cost of veterinary care. Some pets may also require training, which is another extra cost. 

If you decide on a dog or cat check out the local shelters and rescues for available animals. There are also rescues for smaller animals and some shelters do have smaller animals available.

Whatever pet you choose remember you are making a long-term commitment. Your pet is counting on you to take care of them and in return, they will shower you with love.

There are some sweet dogs and cats waiting at the Humane Society of Rome to meet their forever families, two of these sweeties are:

Casey is a 8-year-old female pit bull terrier mix who needs a forever home. Do you think you could open your home and heart to a lovable senior like her? She’s a nice girl so please come meet her today.

Tiger Lily is a sweet, quiet 7-year-old girl who loves pets and is always up for an evening on the couch. She will bring you loads of joy if you make her a part of the family. Come and meet this girl today.