Sealing a great deal

Published Mar 27, 2017 at 4:00pm

We are lucky to have many talented students in our area who put on shows and concerts to brighten these dark, wintry months.

We’ve often written about RFA’s performers and their excellence.

Another talented school district is Westmoreland, which is staging the musical, “School of Rock,” Thursday through Saturday, March 23-25.

While it’s not rare for a school to present a musical, “School of Rock” is something special. It wasn’t easy getting the rights. Musical director Emily Davis noted that usually when a show is on Broadway like “School of Rock” it’s not released for touring groups or students. However, it’s an Andrew Lloyd Webber show and he made an exception because of the empowerment music has on students’ lives.

Davis pounced on the chance and grabbed “School” before other schools did.

Soon, the months of hard work and rehearsals will pay off for the 60-plus high school students who are cast and crew and who are featured with the live music.

As orchestra director Kristyn Cutler pointed out: The musical theater season at Westmoreland is always a great time, and this musical shows the influence that music can have on young people.