Ridge Mills students help storm victims

Published Feb 26, 2018 at 4:00pm

We were inspired to read about the hard work and generosity of Ridge Mills Elementary sixth graders who led the outreach program to help hurricane victims at a school in Immokalee, Fla., a rural community in the southern end of the Sunshine State.

Local students raised $1,100 through a series of fund-raisers such as “spirit days” that let those donating 25 cents wear special clothing such as hats or shorts. A bottle-and-can drive with an outreach booth at the Ridge Mills Craft Fair helped too, said teacher Sue Kaier.

On Tuesday, the sixth graders spoke via Skype with students at the Eden Park Elementary School in Florida, which was heavily damaged last year by Hurricane Irma. Ridge Mills sixth graders decided to lead the outreach for Immokalee after the Ridge Mills “one school, one book” program for students was “The Water Horse,” which features a major storm at the beginning.

Students expressed hope that the money raised for Eden Park can help with the rebuilding effort.

Congratulations to the Ridge Mills students and staff for this effort to help another school in need. It would be an interesting class lesson if the students follow up with another Skype videoconference in the future to see how Eden Park is doing.