Local aid to Puerto Rico

Published Oct 16, 2017 at 4:00pm

Romans are always quick to reach into their wallets or purses to help people in dire need. Their help is now needed in Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Most of the island is still without power and potable drinking water. Many residents are homeless.

Friday’s Puerto Rican flag-raising outside City Hall reflects the solidarity Rome has with Puerto Rico, and the fund-raising efforts led by the Rev. Maritza Perez of Marantha Church. Mayor Jacqueline M. Izzo and city employees joined Rev. Perez in the ceremony.

Rev. Perez noted that news reports show “it’s like someone dropped a bomb on our island. The footage they are showing is horrible, but we can do something.”

Rev. Perez will lead a group of workers to Puerto Rico sometime next month before Thanksgivng and is seeking cash donations to purchase emergency supplies.

If you’d like to help in this effort, donations may be made to Berkshire Bank, 100 W. Dominick St., or at Marantha Church at 620 N. Washington St. Call 315-336-0685 for more information.