Law Enforcement Day — engaging with the community

Published Jul 24, 2017 at 4:00pm

Hundreds of people from Rome and beyond descended on Franklyn’s Field Wednesday to see live police demonstrations, interact with local officers, get up close and personal with police gear and enjoy a fireworks show.

The Rome Police Department’s annual Law Enforcement Day continues to grow the relationship between the agency and citizens. The event is a chance to bring equipment and professionals to the field and allow visitors to gain a better understanding of law enforcement’s role in keeping the public safe.  Other area agencies also take part in the program.

The department brings together exhibits of police equipment and live demonstrations of their tactics, including the Special Response Team. There also was a live less-than-lethal weapons display, wherein new police recruits went through their Taser training. All city police officers must themselves be shot with a Taser before they can carry the weapon.

A Mercy Flight medical rescue helicopter landed during the event to demonstrate how Mercy can aid local law enforcement and rescue personnel in responding to severe accidents and incidents.

Kudos to the organizers of Law Enforcement Day, It’s a great way to showcase the police department and put a public face on this department while helping build a healthy relationship between law enforcement and the community.