Devoted to agricultural education

Published Sep 25, 2017 at 4:00pm

Agriculture is big business in Oneida County, and retired agriculture teacher Carl Kalk knows it.

Kalk, who taught agriculture for 33 years at Adirondack High School and now works part-time in Rome, is among those individuals who promoted ag education on last week’s National Teach Ag Day.

We celebrate those educators like Kalk who are devoted to agricultural education. Nationwide, on Teach Ag Day, there were programs and events designed to recruit agriculture teachers and encourage those who already teach in this amazingly diversified field.

Students too were encouraged to create an agricultural lesson, writing a thank you letter to a teacher and using social media to discuss agriculture.

Kalk is enthusiastic about ag teaching. He notes that no two days are alike, and though in our area there is a heavy concentration in dairy, the field has branched out to such an extent to include farming and forestry.

Agricultural teaching faces challenges because programs can be expensive and older instructors are retiring. But with hard work by enthusiastic teachers and recognition in Albany how important agriculture is to the state, the future looks bright.