Choices loom for graduates

Published Jun 26, 2017 at 4:00pm

Over the weekend, hundreds of our best and brightest graduated from high school with the usual pomp.

Now come the new circumstances, whether the choices are college, work, the military or married life.

Whatever the future holds, success and happiness are certainly worthy goals, but the means of achieving these dreams are important too. Honor, dignity and honesty are the foundations on which futures are made.

What is honor? When it’s present in others we recognize it. We also know it when absent in ourselves.

Whatever you decide, it won’t be easy. Success and happiness are hard to come by.

But whatever happens, be proud in your work and your life.

Remember that though graduation is a great achievement, it’s just a start. It won’t be the peak achievement in your life.

Don’t be afraid to explore and take chances. Someone once said that the biggest regrets are what we didn’t do, not what we did. What’s important is that you can look back on your life in 50 years and know that you made a positive impact on the world in your own way.

And don’t forget those who helped you along the way to being the great person you are and will yet become.

But like graduates in all periods, today’s graduates will bring to the challenges of today qualities of courage, steadfastness, patriotism, imagination and compassion that will get them through. No era is without its challenges, and the young people of each era always seem to find their way.

Graduation is when students who have been cocooned all their lives within the safe walls of their schools, nurtured and guided by teachers, coaches and other mentors, are suddenly propelled out into a world that may seem indifferent to their presence, unpersuaded of their worth.

Graduates, go forth. The best of luck to you.