Bellamy harvests mini farm goals

Published Mar 19, 2018 at 4:00pm

We always like to see cooperation for the greater good, and this goal was harvested last week at Bellamy Elementary School.

Teacher Scott Royce’s fifth grade class spent the day harvesting its crop of micro greens. In addition to the energy of the youngsters, SUNY Poly student Christinia Carambia of Rome and Sarita Ruiz, owner of Sarita’s Food Truck, helped in the collaborative effort.

The project began as Carambia reached out to Royce to ask if he would be willing to work together on developing a produce program for elementary students. He was, and after meeting with the Bellamy Steam Teacm the two collaborated on a program to satisfy their academic goals. The project integrates Carambia’s field with Royce’s teaching expertise and the fifth grade curriculum relating to plant science. Carambia, who is majoring in interdisciplinary studies, said she hopes an all-around inter4disciplinary approach will create a successful program model that will gain the interest of more young entrepreneurs.

The students learned how to sow, grow and harvest five flats of micro greens. On launch day the students met a guest: Sarita Ruiz, also a SUNY Poly alumnus, who emphasized the importance of fresh local produce. The class agreed to create the mini farm.

With this success Carambia said she hopes the project will become sustainable. In any case we applaud the useful information and skills that the students learned and which hopefully will guide them in their future agricultural pursuits.