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On the right trail

Points of Pride Romans should be proud that the city is continuing its commitment to enhance pedestrian pleasure and bicycle enjoyment. It was announced last week that the city is getting $1.4 million to construct the second phase of the Mohawk River trail. It will go further north. The local and state officials involved should be congratulated for their foresight in seeking and providing... 4:00pm 04/24/17

Park improvements in Lee

Points of Pride TOWN OF LEE — The Lee town park is always an inviting place, and often busy with the sights and sounds of adults and youngsters playing sports and their friends and families cheering them on. We were happy to see that the town board last week is continuing the tradition or helping out and promoting these worthy activities. The town board approved a $4,568 sponsorship for the... 4:00pm 04/17/17

Wheels on the road

Points of Pride Let’s go for a spin. Positively Rome’s bike share program is kicking off a second season with some exciting new features to make it more popular than ever. Jake DiBari, founder of Positively Rome, said the bike share program was started to enhance the quality of life in the city for residents, visitors and local businesses. Here’s how it works: Registered members can rent and... 4:00pm 04/10/17

For wellness and friendship

Points of Pride Among the many talents Romans have, involvement in good causes certainly is one of those at the top of the list. During the past week, we spotted a couple of related items that are worth looking at, not just for their substance but for their theme: People helping other people. The first was the city’s inaugural CNY Health and Wellness Fair that will be held 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.... 4:00pm 04/03/17

Sealing a great deal

Points of Pride We are lucky to have many talented students in our area who put on shows and concerts to brighten these dark, wintry months. We’ve often written about RFA’s performers and their excellence. Another talented school district is Westmoreland, which is staging the musical, “School of Rock,” Thursday through Saturday, March 23-25. While it’s not rare for a school to present a... 4:00pm 03/27/17

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