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Farmer backs Buttenschon for Assembly

Letters I am a farmer writing to support another farmer. Marianne Buttenschon is running in a Democratic party primary to replace Anthony Brindisi in the State Assembly.  Among all of their other accomplishments, Don and Marianne Buttenschon started the Buttenschon Christmas Tree Farm in 1994 and have sustained it ever since.  I can tell you from experience that starting and... 4:00pm 05/24/18

Strong management pays off for county credit rating

Letters I recently read in the news that the county of Oneida has once again had their strong credit rating maintained by the three national credit rating agencies. As a taxpayer this type of fiscal stewardship of county finances are of the utmost importance to me. This means the government can borrow money at a cheaper interest rate to fix our roads and bridges as well as investing... 4:00pm 05/19/18

City and school taxes are a hot topic

Letters In conversations with many individuals the subject is always the same — “taxes.” City and school taxes are too high. As a former employee of our school district, I’m curious to know if our athletic budget is higher than the one for curriculum. During the years of my employment that was the case, and more than likely it’s the same as parents need to provide 100 pencils, several... 4:00pm 05/10/18

What about travel times if two BOCES merge?

Letters Merging the two local Oneida-Herkimer-Madison (New Hartford) and Madison-Oneida (Verona) BOCES organizations must consider one large issue — bus transportation time from the furthest component district of one of the BOCES to the other BOCES campus and return trip bus time.  BOCES students could be on buses for about 30 to 45 minutes from their home district school to the other... 4:00pm 05/08/18

Nurse anesthetists provide extremely important service

Letters Regarding an April 9 story on Gov. Cuomo’s budget and the perspective of NYSSA: NYS Society of Anesthesiologists: Legislature put patient safety first. As the current president of the New York State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (NYSANA), I believe the article is flawed with multiple untruths and is a public smear to our profession of nurse anesthesia. The budget proposal... 4:00pm 05/05/18