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Rome Train Station deserves prompt repair

Letters Like the city itself, the Rome Train Station is steeped in history. From dignitaries passing through the region to soldiers heading off to basic training and ultimately to conflict; families heading to the bright lights of New York City to business leaders venturing east or west, the Rome Train Station has greeted them, and many, many more. When the station fell on hard times... 4:00pm 07/06/18

More information needed on lice situation in schools

Letters At the Rome school district board meeting two local cosmetologists expressed concern pertaining to the lice situation in our schools. It was stated in the newspaper that there are guidelines from the National Association of Nurses. I would think that the district would have these guidelines published so everyone would understand the procedure. It seems to me that a physician... 4:00pm 07/05/18

Painful to see deterioration of Erie Canal Village

Letters As a native Roman it literally pains me to drive by the Erie Canal Village during my visits home. This once beautiful, historic gem has been allowed to deteriorate into a public eyesore. Unfortunately, the city seems to feel no responsibility for this. They have allowed a succession of operators to mismanage the Canal Village which has resulted in the buildings, packet boat,... 4:00pm 06/29/18

Distressed by immigration policy policy and families

Letters I was very upset that the Trump administration started this policy of taking children from their parents.  Thankfully he has changed his mind and children will stay with their parents.  The children who were taken need to be reunited with their parents and we need to make sure it happens.  I am still concerned about the I harshness of the Trump Administration’s immigration... 4:00pm 06/27/18

June is (more than) Dairy Month

Letters There is only one thing better than fresh strawberry shortcake — fresh strawberry shortcake with real whip cream and a dab of vanilla ice cream.  After a long winter followed by an usually cold spring, summer is finally upon us in Central New York…and so is agriculture!  Throughout the community and Oneida County, rows of emerging corn and soybeans border our rural roads and... 4:00pm 06/26/18