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Praising Capitol’s director and board

Letters The front page article in Thursday’s Sentinel about applying for Revitalization money for West Dominick Street sounds like an excellent idea. I want to emphasize that the continuing transformation and enhancement of activity has, in my mind, been the result of innovations both in facilities and programs created by the Capitol Theater and its director, Art Pierce. Art’s... 4:00pm 05/23/17

Don’t lose sight of freedoms in response

Letters The cancellation of conservative Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement at the University of California, Berkeley, is a complicated situation that involves many people and money regarding public safety.  She has a right to speak and others have a right to protest. We are fortunate to live in a country that consistently honors freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, petition;... 4:00pm 04/29/17

Time to focus on Rome

Letters Reading the various local newspapers it makes you wonder if the Rome area is considered part of Oneida County.   It appears that Mr. Picente (County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr.) is working diligently to promote Utica. I understand that Mr. Picente resides in our city, yet we are lacking in many things compared to Utica. Promoting the canal isn’t providing retail... 4:00pm 04/27/17

Save District Tutorial Center

Letters I am writing in support of the Rome School District Tutorial Center. I am a retired Rome school counselor. My husband, a “retired” special education teacher, has taught at the center for several years. Since 2004, the Rome Tutorial Center has served as a safety net for thousands of our most vulnerable students. It has greatly improved their chances of successfully completing... 4:00pm 04/12/17

Comments on the proposed changes to the Rome school district

Letters For years I have heard complaints from members of our community on the dividing of our elementary students into K through 4 from our 5th and 6th graders. A plan to run them once again in a K through 6 configuration would be welcomed by most. This and a budget without an increas is a welcomed change. However, running our three largest schools, Rome Free Academy, The Taj Ma... 4:00pm 04/05/17