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Taxpayer doesn’t stand a chance

Letters Within the last few weeks there have been newspaper articles concerning our state and county executives. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a plan to install high-tech color-changing lights on New York City’s bridges — producing a “light show.” Instead of wasting money on such a thing, why not invest in improving infrastructure that’s been neglected? Concerning our county government,... 4:00pm 08/15/17

Why can’t officials do their jobs?

Letters I contacted Sen. Joseph Griffo’s office well over a year ago with a worker compensation problem I was having with a state agency. Each time I called I was requested to send info to them and that they would respond. After six to eight calls to the office and sending six to eight items for their review, I received zero response, so I just gave up. We pay these officials a very... 4:00pm 08/15/17

Marine Corps veteran appreciates a thank you

Letters When running up Fish Hatchery Road on Saturday and passing Teugega Country Club’s third hole, a golfer thanked me for my military service; I believe he noticed I was a wearing a United States Marine Corps shirt. The acknowledgment was greatly appreciated. — Peter Dain, 8348 Forest Lane, USMC, 1965-69 (Vietnam 1966-1968) 4:00pm 08/09/17

Rep. Tenney should stay the course

Letters This is a response to a letter you printed in the July 28 edition. The writer complained about the telephone town hall Rep. Claudia Tenney hosted several days ago. He said he had received no advance notice, and didn’t get to ask a question. There was plenty of notice on Rep. Tenney’s website, and for those on her e-mail list. The writer might want to consider signing up for... 4:00pm 08/01/17

Why won’t Rep. Tenney have live meetings?

Letters Several days ago the phone rang in my house. Surprisingly, a recording announced a telephone town hall meeting for our congressperson – Claudia Tenney. My wife and I had absolutely no notice that we would receive this call. Hence we were unprepared, despite having serious questions to ask our representative. Nevertheless, we eventually pressed the appropriate buttons on our... 4:00pm 07/28/17