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We’re lucky to have such a fine city DPW

Letters In the aftermath of winter storm Stella, many Romans like myself were digging out of historic snowfall totals last Tuesday into Wednesday. In the midst of removing snow from our properties, we often take for granted that our boulevards, streets and alleyways will be cleared of what Mother Nature throws at us. This does not happen without the hard work and dedication of our... 4:00pm 03/21/17

Nuclear plant bailout is raw deal for taxpayers

Letters Gov. Andrew Cuomo loves to talk about how he wants to end New York’s long reign as one of the most-heavily taxed states in the nation. Just last month he blocked a 5-cent tax on plastic bags in New York City. So why is he putting a huge new tax on New Yorker’s electric bills? The $7.6 billion it will cost to bail out three unprofitable upstate nuclear plants isn’t just going... 4:00pm 03/18/17

‘Awesome’ concert at RFA

Letters Congratulations to all the participants of the Rome 2017 All City Band Concert. What a super performance was enjoyed Wednesday evening at the RFA auditorium. Those who were not able to attend the concert sure missed out on some great toe-tapping music. The Rome Instrumental Band Staff Jake Meiss, Anne Gannon and Robert Verminski did a great job in organizing, directing and... 4:00pm 03/15/17

Let’s keep all redistricting options on table

Letters There is a beneficial need of further public discussions on the issue of grades from K to 8 — to gain both age-appropriate student assignment within particular buildings and to achieve the best return on the investment. We are fortunate to have Superintendent Peter Blake inviting and encouraging public taxpayer involvement in a best long-term solution.  Since Strough Middle... 4:00pm 03/08/17

If you don’t speak up, don’t complain

Letters According to the letter submitted by Guy Martin in the newspaper on March 3, one would think that the school board works for the taxpayer. Think again! No one seems to care and most people know I have been an advocate for the taxpayers regarding our school district. People complain about our school district, however they do not attend meetings to voice opposition and have more... 4:00pm 03/07/17