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Diet is key component to lower health costs

Letters With Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance - a plant-based diet. A study with 131,000 participants, in last year’s “Internal Medicine,” found that consumption of animal protein is associated with higher risk of death. A couple dozen other... 4:00pm 01/17/17

County sales tax reduction and reform not as difficult as it seems

Letters The Oneida County sales tax should be reduced to 8 percent in an effort to create a more business friendly community. The reduction would not only invite people to shop in Oneida County but would give greater incentive for residents to shop here rather than in bordering counties which have lower rates like Herkimer or Onondaga. The distribution of the then 4 percent local... 4:00pm 01/07/17

Welcome back, Father Paul

Letters After several weeks of an investigation, Father Paul Angelicchio was vindicated from false accusation. As a resident of Rome, I have witnessed the compassion and love that Father Angelicchio conveys to his parish as well as to our community. `He has brought back to the church many past artifacts from the original church and is familiar with the Italian heritage and for this he... 4:00pm 01/04/17

Father Angelicchio deserves respect

Letters I think your paper did a poor job in reporting about Father Paul Angelicchio. You did a disservice covering his suspension. I feel he was wrongly accused and you did not tell the story concerning this. I think your paper should show him the respect he deserves and print the facts. He is a man of God and should be treated as such. He has done a lot of good things at St. John’s... 4:00pm 12/17/16

Don’t rush to judgement on Father Paul Angelicchio

Letters Today, there are so many rapid sources of “data,” opinions and misinformation. My concern is to determine what is true and what is potentially dangerous. I am old enough to remember the cartoon that announced the death of Babe Ruth. Pictured was a young paperboy in tears stuffing the paper with the news of the Bab’s death into the trash. Ruth was a baseball icon hero, and the... 4:00pm 12/16/16