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What a great city with great people

Letters I work in Rome and a man wandered in off the street very upset and asking for help. I called the Rome Police and they were here immediately. They treated the man with kindness, patience and respect and helped him get to his counselor. I was really moved by the compassion that they showed. A couple weeks ago I went to the Oscar Party at the Capitol Theatre. What a wonderful,... 4:00pm 03/20/18

RFA alum proud of Rome students

Letters As someone who was born and raised in Rome and who now lives a few miles south of Parkland, Florida, I am very proud to read about the students at my high school alma mater who are speaking up and determined to curb gun violence. They, along with all the youth in our nation, are the future. Their continuing conviction and persistence is the solution that we adults so often... 4:00pm 03/20/18

Safety of our children is paramount

Letters I am writing in response to Superintendent Peter Blake’s recent comments. Mr. Blake touches on two topics that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Teacher evaluations and school security are entirely different matters. I am not going to begin to try and speak about teacher evaluations; however, as a concerned person who has close family friends with children in the... 4:00pm 03/17/18

Tenney supports measure to keep children safe

Letters I want to thank Congresswoman Claudia Tenney for helping to keep our children safe. After the tragic shootings in Florida and with the recent lockdowns at Utica College and neighboring school districts, I’m glad she cosponsored “The STOP School Violence Act of 2018”.   This bill authorizes funding for the necessary resources to help our local school districts properly train... 4:00pm 03/15/18

Let’s protect future generation

Letters Is there any good news in today’s world? Recently there seems to be an increase in violence, especially concerning our schools. Our educational system has gone downhill and unacceptable behavior has no consequences. It appears that society is too busy with material things instead of attending school board meetings and discussing major concerns of our children. Several years... 4:00pm 03/13/18