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All bark — and now a little bite

Editorials Members of the city’s Common Council appear to have gotten it right when it comes to making changes to Rome’s ordinances on dogs, specifically noisy ones. While the move will undoubtedly leave some dog owners howling mad, the changes, approved in a unanimous 7-0 vote on Wednesday, are sensible and shouldn’t raise the hackles of most responsible dog owners in the city.... 4:00pm 11/15/18

Changes in city’s solid waste collection hardly rubbish

Editorials Members of the city’s Common Council are expected to take up changes to Rome’s solid waste collection codes during tonight’s meeting at Rome City Hall. Among other tweaks, the proposed changes would make separation of trash and recyclables officially mandatory. While we don’t like increased regulations, the current system isn’t working optimally. “A lot of the language was... 4:00pm 11/14/18

On driving near school buses

Editorials Central New York residents care deeply about the safety of our kids. There is no doubt. But it takes only a second of distraction to turn a daily drive into a tragic situation. Likely every school bus driver in our area has watched in shock, fear and anger as motorists ignored flashing red lights and extended stop sign arms to pass his or her big yellow bus. It happens all too... 4:00pm 11/13/18

Coaching for life

Editorials We picked up this interesting item from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about a St.-Louis-area high school and its football team. After hearing McCluer South-Berkeley High School football coach Howard Brown expound on his eligibility requirement that his players be “good citizens, good people, good students,” TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres presented the team with a $25,000... 4:00pm 11/10/18