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Hoping for an Olympic gold mine

Editorials The increasing likelihood that Los Angeles will be chosen to host the 2024 Olympic Games comes as good news to the vast majority of Southern Californians. A poll last year showed more than 80 percent of L.A. County residents either “strongly supportive” or “somewhat supportive” of the Summer Olympics coming here for the third time. Now, if we didn’t know better, we’d think the... 4:00pm 03/22/17

Thoughts on levels of trust

Editorials Levels of trust: President Trump in a Tucker Carlson interview said he feels social media is the only way he has of honestly communicating with people, reaching some 30 million people. Trump ranked the “fakenews” media with NBC and CNN. That suggests, according to blogger anonamom, the mainstream media can no longer be trusted as a vehicle to convey accurate information to the... 4:00pm 03/17/17

Thoughts on vandalism

Editorials The MSM taking sides: Instapundit Glenn Reynolds points to the Washington Post thumb on the scale where they refer to Trump golf course vandalism as “daring act of defiance.” Reynolds correctly comments, “The left will miss civility when it’s gone.” Get that man a mirror: Blogger bgates laughs, “‘It’s always the wacko birds on right and left that get the media megaphone,’ Sen.... 4:00pm 03/16/17

Thoughts on Jack Plumley’s passing

Editorials What a delight to see Jack Plumley at the dedication of the new Rome campus buildings of Mohawk Valley Community College. He was front row, center, and deserved to be, in the building that carried his name. His face brightened into a wide smile as, out of courtesy for his 87 years, we reintroduced ourselves. “Of course, I know you. I don’t move around so well anymore, but I... 4:00pm 03/14/17

Careless drivers, young and old, are a menace

Editorials In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the rising number of millennials who never bother to learn how to drive. What used to be a ritual of passage for nearly all teens, the culmination of many hours of driver’s education, practice driving, learning permits, etc., is now not seen as being that big of a deal for more teens than ever. Uber exists, kids know what it is, and... 4:00pm 03/11/17