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Be careful on these dark mornings

Editorials Daylight saving time, like it or not, is here. And as much as people joke about it there is a serious side effect of springing forward worth shining some light on: Studies have routinely found a significant increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents, with the spike coming primarily in the first week. Many things are at play including groggy drivers. But there are other... 4:00pm 03/16/18

Girl Scouts instill culture of success

Editorials Women are speaking out all over America about abuses that have occurred, sometimes decades ago. It has placed a spotlight on the need to raise the self-esteem of girls and women. There is no better agency to do that than the Girl Scouts of America. Membership in Girl Scouts was declining nationally. This challenge was embraced to move the Scouts into the 21st century,... 4:00pm 03/14/18

Thoughts on remonstrance

Editorials Students who, during school hours, would protest violence ought to consider what Confucius taught twenty-five centuries ago. Confucius supported the duty of individuals to remonstrate elders if necessary but he cautioned people to provide well-vetted evidence presented completely and respectfully. Interrupting classes and repeating slogans does not qualify as well-vetted... 4:00pm 03/10/18

States are betting on sports gambling

Editorials This spring or early summer, the U.S. Supreme Court might legalize sports betting across the country. Dozens of states are scrambling to get ready. Supreme Court oddsmakers are betting that the justices will side with the state of New Jersey when they decide Christie v. NCAA, which would invalidate a 1992 federal law banning states from authorizing and licensing sports... 4:00pm 03/08/18

Identity theft: It’s a growing problem

Editorials Once upon a time, stealing a person’s identity would have seemed farfetched. The stuff of movies. Now it appears to be easy. And the problem is growing. The 2018 Identity Fraud Study released in February by Javelin Strategy & Research revealed that the number of identity fraud victims increased by 8 percent (rising to 16.7 million U.S. consumers) in the last year, a record... 4:00pm 03/07/18