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It’s a tax, not an ‘integrity fee’

Editorials The euphemism of the week, maybe the year, from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Some professional sports teams, looking to cash in on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that will allow sports betting in all 50 states, want a part of the action. That is, the money. So they’re looking to states to provide it once the betting light turns green. These pro sports teams are calling the... 4:00pm 05/23/18

Cheerleaders aren’t second-class citizens

Editorials Two former National Football League cheerleaders who have filed discrimination complaints against the league have offered to settle their claims. They don’t want a lot of money or even an admission of guilt. All they are asking for is the chance to sit down for a four-hour meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s hard to see how the league could turn down the offer --... 4:00pm 05/22/18

Bad behavior means fewer refs

Editorials There’s a punching bag in sports that has nothing to do with boxing. Think back to Lou Piniella, and his fiery tirades that would culminate in the Cubs manager kicking dirt onto an umpire’s shoes. Or Indiana University coaching legend Bobby Knight flinging a chair across the basketball floor over a ref’s call. In professional sports, ripping the ref has always been seen,... 4:00pm 05/18/18

Is political polling dead?

Editorials Is the age of political polling dead? Not if one considers the record number of surveys being disseminated to the public. What polling has lost, however, is the credibility that its numbers reflect a true measure of public mood, which begs the question of whether polls today are worth anything at all. Polls have become fractured as voters search for results that verify their... 4:00pm 05/17/18

More revelations from Anne Frank

Editorials Anne Frank would turn 89 on June 12, had she lived. We wonder what she might have made of her life, whether she would have married and become a mother, a grandmother and, perhaps, a great-grandmother. Alas, of course, those questions never can be answered. Frank was just 15 when she and her family were discovered by the Nazis hiding in a garret in Amsterdam and sent to... 4:00pm 05/16/18