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Computers: An important skill

Editorials It’s virtually impossible to know what the future job market might look like for a child in kindergarten. But one thing is sure — he or she will have to know how to use a computer. And that’s really just a bare minimum. App development, coding ability, web design and similar skills might well be job requirements rather than simply resume-boosting perks. For a lot of positions,... 4:00pm 01/14/17

Thoughts on rudeness

Editorials Unbecoming rudeness: Protesters repeatedly interrupted Congressional hearings of Secretary of State nominee Jeff Sessions. Later, CNN reporter James Acosta repeatedly shouted at Donald Trump during his news conference. Acosta was miffed that other reporters were selected to ask questions but not him. Trump called him “rude” for repeatedly interrupting. He was rude. Sorry,... 4:00pm 01/13/17

An entertainer who cares

Editorials It’s all too easy to think of most show business icons as uncaring or insensitive when it comes to ordinary folks. Dolly Parton is certainly an exception. The Knoxville News Sentinel recently reported on Parton’s telethon to support wildfire victims. Parton demonstrated once again how much she loves the people of Sevier County, the rugged mountain community where she grew up.... 4:00pm 01/12/17

Crime declines despite drop in imprisonment

Editorials As national imprisonment rates continue to fall, so, too, does crime, according to data collected by the Pew Charitable Trusts. Between 2010 and 2015, the national imprisonment rate declined 8.4 percent while property and violent crime rates fell a combined 14.6 percent. During this time period, 31 states saw reductions in both crime and imprisonment. “The lack of a consistent... 4:00pm 01/11/17

More, not less, history

Editorials According to a recent story in the Washington Times, George Washington University no longer requires history majors to take any courses in U.S. history. The school, founded by and named for one of our nation’s leading historical figures, says eliminating the American history pre-requisite “better reflects a globalizing world.” We didn’t know this, but apparently the move by GW... 4:00pm 01/10/17