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Modernizing the fleet

Editorials Congratulations to the U.S. Coast Guard on the commissioning of its new fast response cutter, the John McCormick, at Coast Guard Base Ketchikan, Alaska. It’s good to see the Coast Guard is able to upgrade its equipment and deploy fresh designs such as these Sentinel-class cutters that can meet the demands of the Coast Guard’s modern-day mission. The McCormick will conduct... 4:00pm 04/25/17

Robinson tore down barriers

Editorials Seventy years ago last Saturday, Jackie Robinson had a mundane Major League Baseball debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He started at first base and batted second in the order, going hitless in four plate appearances in the Dodgers’ season-opening 5-3 victory over the visiting Boston Braves at Ebbets Field, although he did score the go-ahead run after reaching base on an error.... 4:00pm 04/22/17

A pile of dough

Editorials While the rest of the world calls the restaurant chain Panera, in St. Louis, Mo., it will always be Bread Co., pronounced as one word. From its first cafe in 1987 St. Louisans have watched the tiny local startup flourish into a national phenomenon that sold recently for $7.5 billion in the biggest-ever U.S. restaurant deal. Congratulations to Ken Rosenthal, who founded Bread... 4:00pm 04/21/17

Treating humans like pets

Editorials It’s creepy enough, when you think about it, that we casually inject microchips into our pets so they can be tracked by a computer scanner. Certainly, we’d never think of treating humans that way. Would we? In Sweden, employees at Epicenter, a high-tech startup hub, are opting to be injected with microchips so they can avoid the hassle of pulling out their swipe cards whenever... 4:00pm 04/20/17

Steer clear of this mistake

Editorials As the poet Ogden Nash reminds us, “The cow is of the bovine ilk. One end is moo, the other milk.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recalled this wisdom by the heartening news this week that six bovines who led St. Louis police on a merry chase through a north St. Louis neighborhood on March 30 had been promised homes at an animal shelter in Tennessee. The animals escaped from a... 4:00pm 04/19/17