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Election letters due by Oct. 25

Editorials Letters to the editor regarding the Tuesday, Nov. 7, election must be received no later than noon Wednesday, Oct. 25. Letters must include name, town or city address, and a daytime phone number for confirmation purposes. All letters are subject to editing for length, accuracy, content and good taste. To send email and submit Letters to the Editor: • Send emailed letters to... 4:00pm 10/16/17

Thoughts on apple pie

Editorials For motherhood and apple pie: A Wisconsin circuit court has ruled that home bakers are free to sell their baked goods out of their home, at community events and at farmers’ markets. Blogger OL reminds us that was one of the central themes of Atlas Shrugged. “Elites wrote so many laws and regulations that everybody was always guilty of something, and the application of justice... 4:00pm 10/07/17

Social Security disability needs fixing

Editorials The Social Security disability system is suffering a big backlog. And that means a lot of Americans are suffering as well. Social Security not only provides for retirement benefits after a certain age, it also serves as a source of income for those who become disabled before they would normally retire. Another program, Supplemental Security Income (or SSI), helps those with... 4:00pm 09/30/17

Kudos to the Hurricane Hunters

Editorials One often-overlooked group that braves the wicked elements to ensure the rest of us are safe during storms deserves accolades. That would be the Hurricane Hunters, the fleet of pilots, scientists and technicians from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Hurricane Hunters run counter to logic: They race to the danger as others flee it. NOAA’s crews fly into... 4:00pm 09/27/17

Seeing Saturn: An amazing milestone

Editorials Twenty years ago, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft began its 4.9 billion-mile odyssey to Saturn with a picture-perfect liftoff. The $3.9 billion mission -- a three-way collaboration among NASA, the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency -- was ambitious by the standards of any age. Saturn, with its dozens of moons that have fascinated astronomers since the 17th... 4:00pm 09/23/17