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Food stamps and nutrition

Editorials There are some restrictions on what people can use food stamps for, and there seems to be a growing interest in adding soda and junk food to that list. Currently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture does not allow Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits — that is what food stamps are called now — to be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, pet foods, household... 4:00pm 03/23/17

Letters to the Editor

We’re lucky to have such a fine city DPW

Letters In the aftermath of winter storm Stella, many Romans like myself were digging out of historic snowfall totals last Tuesday into Wednesday. In the midst of removing snow from our properties, we often take for granted that our boulevards, streets and alleyways will be cleared of what Mother Nature throws at us. This does not happen without the hard work and dedication of our... 4:00pm 03/21/17

Nuclear plant bailout is raw deal for taxpayers

Letters Gov. Andrew Cuomo loves to talk about how he wants to end New York’s long reign as one of the most-heavily taxed states in the nation. Just last month he blocked a 5-cent tax on plastic bags in New York City. So why is he putting a huge new tax on New Yorker’s electric bills? The $7.6 billion it will cost to bail out three unprofitable upstate nuclear plants isn’t just going... 4:00pm 03/18/17

‘Awesome’ concert at RFA

Letters Congratulations to all the participants of the Rome 2017 All City Band Concert. What a super performance was enjoyed Wednesday evening at the RFA auditorium. Those who were not able to attend the concert sure missed out on some great toe-tapping music. The Rome Instrumental Band Staff Jake Meiss, Anne Gannon and Robert Verminski did a great job in organizing, directing and... 4:00pm 03/15/17

Tabliod Tales

Today in History — March 24, 2017

Tabloid Tales Today in History By The Associated Press Today in History Today is Friday, March 24, the 83rd day of 2017. There are 282 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On March 24, 1765, Britain enacted the Quartering Act, requiring American colonists to provide temporary housing to British soldiers. On this date: In 1832, a mob in Hiram, Ohio, attacked, tarred and... 4:00pm 03/24/17

Points of Pride

Discover pure taste of maple

Points of Pride If you missed a terrific pancake the past weekend at VVS high school, don’t worry. There are more coming up this weekend. Maple Weekends are in full swing across New York State with nearly 170 maple farms offering tours and pancake breakfasts, selling delicious maple products and demonstrating the syrup-making process. Beyond tours and tastings, activities at participating... 4:00pm 03/20/17

Start planning for next year

Points of Pride The battle against heart disease has $976,143 more in its wallet thanks to the special efforts of some 6,000 walkers and runners who bundled up on an unusually frigid day and took to the streets. Their goal was to raise money for American’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk. They succeeded. The community humbly thanks one and all. A special thanks goes to Utica College, which on... 4:00pm 03/13/17

Celebrate spring at Utica Zoo

News It’s surely a sign of spring when the Utica Zoo kicks off its spring education programs. There something for kids of all ages: Stroller Safari (6-18 months) in which each safari includes an interactive tour and up-close animal encounter; and Hatchlings (18 months to 3 years) in which the classroom is transformed into an exploration center. There are other classes for older... 4:00pm 03/06/17