Brown aims to build momentum following primary victory

Published Sep 13, 2017 at 12:00pm

Michael D. Brown defeated incumbent Barbara Calandra in a Democratic primary for the county’s 12th Legislative District seat Tuesday, according to unofficial results posted on the county Board of Elections website.

Brown collected 104 votes to Calandra’s 51, the results stated.

Brown said today that his campaign has to continue to get the word out, attracting more voters when November rolls around. “The turnout was just abysmal,” he said of the primary.

He said the main factor is voter apathy.

“People don’t think things will happen.” But, he continued, “It does matter.” There is, he said, some lack of understanding as to what a county legislator does, and he said one solution is for legislators to reach out more.

He said he intends to host quarterly town hall meetings in Rome. As for the general election, he said, “I have to reach across the aisle. We’ve got to make sure we’re working with everyone. What I’m trying to do is work with everyone in the community. I want to work for Rome, I don’t want to work exclusively for the county.”

Calandra did not return calls made for comment by press time today.

Brown now has the inside track to become the next county legislator in District 12 because there is no Republican candidate. Calandra, a first-term legislator, could still offer a challenge on election day thanks to her Independence Party endorsement. Brown also has the Working Families line on the Nov. 7 ballot.

​Here’s a look at the unofficial results — compiled by the election boards in Oneida and Madison counties — in the local contests:

Area Democratic primaries

Oneida County Board of Legislators

12th District (Rome Ward 3, Election District 2; Rome Ward 4, Election Districts 1, 2, 3, 4; Rome Ward 5, Election Districts 1, 2, 3, 4.)

• Michael D. Brown: 104

• Barbara Calandra: 51

Oneida City Council, Ward 3

James Coulthart, 35

Bill Butler, 19

Area Conservative primaries

Oneida County Board of LegislatorsDistrict 1 (Vernon Election Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Verona Election District 5.)

• Write-in: 33

• Michael J. Hennessy: 20

Area Republican primaries

Boonville Town justice

• Nadine J. McIntyre: 155

• James D. Galler: 99

Boonville Town Board
(vote for 2)

• Joel A. Bailey: 172

• David Stocklosa: 147

• Wayne Weller: 122

• Write-in: 1

Floyd Highway Superintendent

• Jerome Alexander Jr.: 262

• Randy E. Ramsey: 154

Lenox Town Supervisor

• Joseph J. Pinard, 190

• Rocco J. DiVeronica, 189

Lincoln Town Supervisor

• Yvonne M. Nirelli: 58

• Matthew W. Eddy: 52

• Gene Weibrod, 17.

Lincoln Town Council

• Melissa A. During: 75

• Russell Blanchard: 58

• William M. Wilcox: 52

The top two will run in general election in November.

Oneida City SupervisorWards 1, 2, 3

• Mary Cavanagh: 189

• John A. Reinhardt: 167

• Brahim Zogby: 162.

The top two to run in general election in November.

Oneida City Council, Ward 3

• Joseph R. Zifchock, 69

• Jason Tiffin, 37 votes.

Stockbridge Town Council

Kenneth Frost: 44 votes

James Strain: 40

John W. Wagner: 19

* The top two will run in the general election in November.


Town clerk/tax collector

• Stanley K. Harris: 162

• Terralyn Gouger: 123


Town clerk/tax collector

• Donna M. Clark: 307

• Kathy M. Pavelock: 105

• Write-in: 2


Highway superintendent

• Russell J. Young: 245

• Carl R. Eddy: 55

• Write-in: 2.