Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome Deeds

7799 Gifford Rd., Michael F. and Karen M. Otero to Richard Regan, Jr., $113,300 ($71,000).

1100 West Thomas St., estate of Jay Smith, David L. Smith to Guy J. and Pamela L. Snedeker, $65,000 ($44,900).

312 Washington St., Gary and Debra C. Roberts to Danny Di Salvo, $75,000 ($46,500).

1714 Lincoln Lane, Thomas and Jean Maggio to Slate Creek Homes, LLC, $115,000 ($96,000).

130 Third St., William Fernandez, II, Richard Fernandez, Mark Fernandez, Roberta Fernandez, Benita Castro, Brian Eldridge, John Eldridge, Sharon S. Gulick, and Lisa Race to Armand R. Castro, Jr. and Benita Castro, $40,000 ($58,800).

205 W. Court St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Mathew Varughese, $8,000 ($80,000).

8004 Brookside Drive, Frank T. Sperduto and Sharon A. Guglielmo Sperduto to Arthur A. and Fran M. Fountain, $164,000 ($77,500).

1009 Batavia Ave., Frank Heilig to Valerie A. Heilig, $1 ($63,300).

1604 Roser Terrace, Cynthia B. Linck to George E. Lewis, Jr., $94,000 ($71,100).

1604 Roser Terrace, Deborah A. and Barbara L. Buckhart to Cynthia B. Linck, $1 ($71,100).

743 W. Bloomfield St., Bernard J. Colangelo, Ronald G. Colangelo, Debra Evans, and Sandra Smith to Bernard J. Colangelo, $41,000 ($47,000).

7146 Townline Road, Federal National Mortgage Association to Bonnie Brazinski, $37,000 ($47,000).

1603 Anken St., Arthur Mosca, II, Melissa Fabney, Sarah Anne Mosca, and Eric M. Mosca to Arthur M. Mosca, $1 ($81,700).

7098 Coleman Mills Road, Arthur Mosca to Steven A. Mosca, $1 ($153,000).

322 Lynch St., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Melissa and John Sabatino, $100 ($1,300).

619 S. Madison St., Richard M. Kenjarski to Mark R. Kenjarski, $1 ($56,000).

605 William St., Delroy A. Taylor and Vivienne E. Taylor to Jasmine Joseph, $50,000 ($50,000).

518 W. Dominick St., Margaret M. Lennon to Mark J. Schachtler, $40,000 ($50,000).

Vac. Land Rome-Westernville Road, Robert Humphrey Wilson to Thomas Andrew Wilson, $2,000 ($24,400).

508 — 510 W. Park St., Donna M. Myers, Carl S. Carman, II, and William P. Carman to Teisha M. Irizarry, $64,500.

New London Road, City of Rome to Michael J. West, $650.

East Dominick St., United States of America acting by and through the Secretary of the Air Force to Joseph Rutkowski, $7,500 ($115,380).

610 Parry St., Kathy M. Hawks and Kathy J. Mummert to Tammy L. Schmalz, $35,280 ($24,400).

Vac. Land Rome-Westernville Road, estate of Murray C. Wilson to Monica Wilson, $2,000 ($24,000).

8357 Fish Hatchery Road, The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel R. Gifford, $62,943 ($65,700).

8134 Turin Road, Cynthia R. Gleasman to Shawn A. and Theodore J. Dombrowski, $70,000 ($38,000).

5059 Rome-New London Road, William N. Reed, Jr. to Stephen T. and Kitty M. Darling, $76,000 ($57,000).

309-311 Hamilton St., Mary B. Carrado to Allen S. and Gloria Prophet, $55,000 ($67,500).

2006 Bedford St., City of Rome to Justin P. Gualtieri, $70,000 ($55,400).

903 — 05 Elm St., estate of Arthur C. O’Neil to Grethe Card and Douglas E. Card, $1 ($64,200).

749 W. Bloomfield St., Roxanne M. Falitico to WAB Rome Rentals LLC, $42,000 ($45,800).

609 Floyd Ave., David M. Gilmore and Renee E. Gilmore to Sean M. and Jennie L. Thompson, $74,000 ($44,400).

7993 Cedarwood Drive, Eric A. and Rachel Cring to Stanley S. and Marie L. Greer, $157,500 ($83,500).

1305 — 1307 Craig St., Vito Piemonte and Caterina Piemonte by her attorney in fact Vito Piemonte to Thomas A. Dombrowski, $155,000 ($123,000).

209 Henry Street, Stanley S. Greer to Onofria Nora Bohning, $40,280 ($31,000).

7998 Brookside Drive, Gregory J. Keller to David M. Gilmore and Renee E. Gilmore, $159,000 ($86,000).

923 Croton St., Charles L. Clifford and Phyllis E. Clifford to Rickey A. Russell, Jr. and Michelle L. Russell, $116,000 ($70,500).

606 S. James St., Constance J. Gryziec to Martin J. Gryziec, $1 ($1,300).

1009 Sherman Ave., Ashton Matyi to Jesse R. Tuthill and Amanda J. Spink, $113,000 ($80,000).

208 Lyndale Drive, Allsion Olmstead and Nathan Olmstead to Kandice D. Kendall, $81,500 ($66,700).

6297 Lorena Road, Gregory Hamlin, Esq., as Referee for Carl W. Cathey, Sr. and Malinda A. Fairchild-Cathey, $106,250 ($64,800).

7122 Rome-Oriskany Road, Florence Boiko to Jeffrey Twang, $71,000 ($70,800).

6825 Greenway Road, estate of Norman J. Collins to Christopher Phillips, $1 ($43,700).

8113 Russell Ave., Brandy M. Nittiskie to Christopher M. Pope, $88,500.

7610 Kilbourne Road, Francis John Andoloro and Laurie Ann Andoloro to Kelly M. Zinicola, $98,000 ($92,109).

6297 Lorena Road, Bayview Loan Servicing LL to Lease 2 Own CNY LLC, $88,000 ($64,800).

730 N. Madison St., City of Rome to Hunter, Ben, and Roman Enterprises, LLC, $2,100.

8143 Pennystreet Road, Kimberly C. Pruitt, executor for estate of Theodore Clark to Christopher J. Takacs, $106,000.

117 South Crescent Drive, Kenneth G. Matola to David T. Melton, $41,000 ($38,800).