Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed. Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value.

1210 Jervis Ave., Paul N. Roque and Marie S.A. Juan-Roque to Gary E. and Michele V. Babowicz, $136,000 ($73,500).

322 Urbandale Parkway, Deborah Barcus Gilley to Rose Garden Apartments of Rome Inc. $62,500 ($30,900).

610 Cypress St., Michael I. and Dana L. Levi to Michael P. and Sharlene L. DeMatteo, $206,000 ($115,000).

7160 Rickmeyer Road, Wayne R. J. Marshall to Wayne A. Marshall, Melissa A. Dunning and Robert K. Marshall, $1 ($64,000).

2007 Holly St., Ruth M. Habermann to Daniel G. Blackburn and Lael D. Avery, $119,500 ($89,300).

306-308 Sam St., Renee Scalise, trustee of the Rollins Irrevocable Trust to Renee Scalise and Robert K. Hilton, co-trustees of the Separate Share Trust f/b/o Renee Scalise, $1 ($55,500).

814 Croton St., Cindy MacConnell as trustee of the Francis P. Mantelli Irrevocable Trust to Jennifer N. and Joshua J. Slachciak, $71,000 ($64,300).

8360 Forest Lane, William A. James to Sharyl Gattari, $177,000 ($88,000).

630 W. Thomas St., Aaron M. House to Andrew M. House, $58,750 ($44,400).

6028 Lorena Road, Michael and Michele D. Stevens to Erik A. and Jillian R. Lanahan, $163,500 ($86,000).

6497 Westmoreland Road, Odrzykoski Inc. to Bruce J. Odrzykoski, $1 ($66,900).

130 Lyndale Drive, City of Rome to Derek B. Larson, $20,000 ($24,800).

334-336 McRae St., Charles E. and Margaret A. Williams to Paul and Jennifer Matwijec, $82,000 ($83,100).

747 W. Liberty St., Fred R. and Gladys M. Jackson to Ryan M. Jackson, $75,000 ($52,600).

624 William St., Bradley M. Jones Jr. to Ryan J. Smith, $45,000 ($42,800).

112 Victory Drive, Deborah L. Boardman and Evelyn Woodlan to Steven L. Schneid, $60,000 ($56,100).

Railroad and Canal Streets, Estate of John Serway to Serway Estate Properties, LLC, $1 ($699,760).

1305 N. Madison St., Frank S. and Kathy L. Sicilia to Kathy L. Sicilia, $1 ($75,100).

605 N. Madison St., Scott E. Davis to Christopher M. Hanrahan, $97,520 ($65,300).

907 Culverton Road, Susan M. Gordon to Michael J. Smith, $55,000 ($34,300).

6406 Lamphear Road, Barbara J. Putt to Ellie Bawarski, $79,500 ($61,600).

1004-1006 Batavia Ave., Sandra Minsaas to Gerard F. and Melanie J. Feeney, $112,000 ($61,000).

Lot #9 Lamphear Road, Katherine Busyczak to Timothy F. Flaim and Christine Vecchio-Flaim, $18,000 ($20,000).

6211 Lorena Road, Estate of Dorothy M. Lee by David M. O’Brien, executor, to Jacqueline Jordan, $105,000 ($91,300).

8090 Link Road, Jeanne Gymburch, trustee of the Augustine Trust, Nicholas and Shirley B. Augustine, to Michael A. Cardello, $59,250 ($44,400).

1016 W. Thomas St., City of Rome to Mark S. Money, $26,855 ($21,000).

1218 N. James St., Jennifer A. Boulanger to Jon M. Maggiolino, $115,500 ($76,200).

319 Ridge St., Bryant Property Management LLC to Ramon Roman, $26,000 ($30,500).

500 N. James St. and 105 E. Thomas St., Brian and Cynthia Heath to Brian A. Heath and Cynthia M. Heath trustees of the Heath Irrevacable Trust, $1 ($125,000).

415 William St., Joyce M. Lambert to Paul and Denine R. Surette, $1 ($48,500).

224 W. Liberty St., John D. Parry to Sheryl A. D’Aniello, $37,100 ($47,500).

814 Kent St., Kris Matt and David Matt Jr to Kris Matt, $1 ($66,400).

814 Kent St., Kris Matt to Janet Bennett, $80,000 ($66,400).

307 Lawrence St., City of Rome to Todd Wilson, $1,250 ($28,800).

Taberg Road, Humble Lane Estates, Inc., to Dwayne Davis and Brian Boardman Jr., $7,500 ($23,400).

5900 Sleepy Hollow Road, James and Helen Grygiel to Greg Smith, as trustee of the James and Helen Grygiel Irrevocable Trust, $1 ($61,700).

5447 Old Oneida Road, Russell D. Johnson Jr. Holdings LLC to Ronald and Linda Ryan, $220,500($16,800).

7139 Rome-Oriskany Road, Edward and Kathryn Kozick to Edward J. Kozick and Kathryn A. Kozick as trustees of the Kozick Irrevocable Trust, $1 ($94,994).