Staley’s ‘Chocolate Chips’ don’t melt under pressure

IN THE MATH DIMENSION ¿ Alek Metott, left, and Brady Wood compete in the Pro Bowl Dimension U contest at Staley Upper Elementary. Metott beat out the other 13 all-stars to claim the top spot. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

SOLUTION SEEKERS — Members of Guiliano Chocolate Chips and Guiliano Pretty Pandaz get ready to solve some math equations in the 2013 Dimension U Championship match at Staley Upper Elementary. The Chips defeated the Pandaz to claim top spot in the sixth grade championships. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

It was a good-natured battle of classmates in the Staley Upper Elementary School’s Dimension U challenge for sixth-graders.

Student teams from each sixth grade classroom competed in the computerized tournament in which students had to answer math questions and navigate their way through a three-dimensional game.

The team of Guilano’s Chocolate Chips defeated Guiliano’s Pretty Pandaz to claim the championship in Monday’s finals.

Prior to the finals, select students from teams that were knocked out in earlier the competition were featured in the school’s Pro Bowl.

Members of the victorious Chocolate Chips were:

¿ Patrick Balog;

¿ Logan DeLutis;

¿ Halie Dolan;

¿ Daniel Mecca;

¿ Preston Mecca;

¿ Matthew Meyers;

¿ Ben Miller (team captain);

¿ Declan Murphy;

¿ Skylar Wahl (alt.); and

¿ Madison Wright (*alt.).

Members of the runners up Pretty Pandaz were:

¿ Katharine Balog;

¿ Justin Calandra;

¿ Mercedes Colangelo;

¿ Dylan Gannon;

¿ Olivia Hailey;

¿ Matt Mororui;

¿ Tyler Samuels;

¿ Zach Wilbert; and

¿ Brady Wood (alt).

The winners received a pizza party for their classroom.

The Pro Bowl players, and the teams they represented, were:

¿ Alek Metott, Huf Flaming Ducks;

¿ Edward Long, Kondella Rainbow Unicorns;

¿ Mitchell Keaney, Trevett Crew;

¿ Camron Williams, Hayes Hurricanes;

¿ Madison DeCarolis, Cehonski Gnarly Charlie Ducks;

¿ Brady Wood, Guiliano Rabid Raccoons;

¿ Ryker Acquasanta, Rossi Math Battling Honey Badgers;

¿ Tah’Ken Fediw, Sergott
Physcho Armadillos;

¿ Sharifa Taylor, Streiff
Mustache Unicorns;

¿ Mya Crate, Haugli Meepasaurus;

¿ Mark Kahler, Lin Purple Pegasus;

¿ Bryce Slachiak, Downs Black Mambas;

¿ James Faso, Poppleton
Players; and

¿ Jordan Elliot, Lattimore Players.