Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Annsville, Glenmore Road, William and Kathleen Young to Gary and Marjory Ackerman and Oscar and Victoria LeBreux, $24,000.

Augusta, 5530 Knoxboro Road South, Thomas M. Kilts Jr., to Meghan K. Nourse and Christopher J. Dougherty, $97,000.

Augusta, Tanner Egan Road, Simon I. and Fannie M. Brenneman, to Stephen G. and Marsha G. Mueller, $11,250.

Ava, 10970 Webster Hill Road, David B. Donlon to Evelyn M. Moonan, $6,900.

Ava, 9161 Sly Hill Road, Daniel S. Krisher and Lori J. Snow to Joseph A. Mooney Jr, and Angela M. Mooney, $179,900.

Ava, 9177 Sly Hill Road, Janet Richmond, Esq., to AmeriCU Credit Union, $99,036.

Ava, 6016 Tuffy Road, Michael E. Archer deceased by executor Richard Lee Cummings Jr., to Jessica M. Schoff, $95,500.

Boonville, Maple Lane, James B. Fitch to Caherine E. Yax, $10,000.

Boonville, 11290 Potato Hill Road, John J. and Joseph E. Costigan to Daniel H. Wiedmer, $125,000.

Boonville, 710 Post St., Stephen Collins to Jacob and Erin Gydesen, $74,450.

Boonville, 108 Railroad St., Estate of Edna M. Cyr to Robert A. Dean Jr., $36,000.

Boonville, Charles Grove and Park Ave., Ethan Allen Retail, Inc., to Delta Boonville LLC, $350,000.

Boonville, Miller Woods Road, Robert E. and Sandra B. Hitt to Thomas Kennison, $3,000.

Camden, 9911 Shady Lake Road, Benjamin J. and F. Darlene LaDuc, to Arthea R. Kempf, $157,900.

Camden, 30 Church St., William Andrew and Roberta Jane Wolff to John W. Varacalli, $105,000.

Camden, 10 Third St., Steve W. and Berla Culbertson to Robert W. Niper, $60,000.

Camden, 499 Hillsboro Road, Kenneth A. Papenek to Tara M. Miller and Joel R. Stace, $37,285.

Camden, 11 Second St., William D. and Helen M. Meyers to David B. Gibson, $118,148.

Deerfield, 728 Ravine Dr., John C. Middel Family Irrevocable Trust to Kerry L, Manley, $115,000.

Deerfield, 5586 Trenton Road, Bohling Trust, dated Oct. 14, 2004, Varian Bohling, successor trustee, to Francis Redmond, $124,200.

Deerfield, 109 Branch St., Gilbert L. and Josette C. Stephens to Cheryl A. Meyers, $133,500.

Deerfield, 114 Marnie St., Karenod LLC to James A. Cannistra, $75,000.

Deerfield, 114 Marnie St., Estate of Katherine S. Cannistra Margaret Murad, executrix, to Karenod, LLC, $75,000.

Florence, 10815 Taberg-Florence Road, William Martin to Kim Ernst and Mikel-John D. Hays, $74,995.

Floyd, 7352 Rostizer Road, Ann Marie Mushak to Thomas R. Robbins, $12,500.

Floyd, 8343 Price Road, Curtis and Lori E. Grower to Eric C. Johnson, $95,000.

Floyd, Old Floyd Road, Carole C. Jenkins to Harry A. and James D. Clapper, $1,000.

Forestport, Lots 24 & 25, Phase II Blue Waters Estates, Arcadia Associates, Inc., to Christopher Lucas, $4,400.

Forestport, 5145 Elmwood Road, Vincent A. LaPlaca Jr. and Lisa M. LaPlaca to Jillian E. Bono and Thomas J. Kelly Jr., $166,400.

Forestport, 8996 Pond Ave., Stella F. Burdick to Chad Burdick, $20,000.

Forestport, 8013 Conway Road, Mary Ann Goyne to James and Lisa Frank, $15,500.

Forestport, Route 28, Susan M. Gordon, trustee SMG Living Trust to Paul Boor, $47,500.

Forestport, 4047 Norton Road, Christine and Robert Burns to Robert Burns and Wayne Siver, $20,000.

Kirkland, 12 Pratt Ave., David J. Rapke, esq. as referee, $40,000.

Kirkland, 14 White St., Mary A. Patell, Margaret Schieferstine, Marie E. Jones and Martin Schieferstine to PSB Properties, LLC, $37,000.

Kirkland, 92 College St., Kevin M. and Kimberly C. Keane to Heinz H. and Martha Schmaltz, $180,000.

Kirkland, 3608 NYS Route 12B, Edward F. and Helen I. Jordan to Leonard J. Popyack Jr. and Suzanne H. Popyack, $98,000.

Kirkland, NYS Route 5, Francis H. and Judy Clonan to James B. Tuttle, $15,000,.

Kirkland, 9 Furnace St., Andrew J. Drake to Jessica Beasock, $103,000.

Kirkland, Skyline Drive, Douglas G. and Pondra B. Kitchen to Dennis Brady & Son LLC, $140,000.

Lee, 9155 NYS Route 26, Stoneybrook Mobile Terrace LLC to JKLM Stoneybrook Terrace LLC, $1,600,000.

Lee, 8645 Zircon Lane, Michael and Nicholas Bruno, to Steven and Shelly M. Mudry, $345,000.

Lee, 8824 Walnut Dr., Thomas C. Ziemann to Andrew Rossi, $58,000.

Lee, 6036 Cemetery Road, Generations Developers LLC, to Charlene Cotitta, $155,000.

Lee, Turin Road, Estate of Virginia R. Converse to Robert A. and Clara M. Converse, $6,000.

Remsen, 9681 Main St., Gary C. Wendell Jr, to Alyssa M. Wedgwood, $59,900.

Remsen, 9994 Old NYS Route 12, Daniel J. Huber to Benjamin Simons, $17,711.

Remsen, Prospect, Francis and James Roads, Village of Remsen to Mederic Lavellee Jr, Brenda T. Lavallee; Jeremy F. Lavellee; Molly S. Lavallee; Jesse T. Lavallee; and Rebecca E. Lavallee, $70,000.

Sangerfield, 270 Frog Park Road, Melanie Cowen to Philip D. Barnes Jr., and Daniel G. Barnes, $11,500.

Steuben, 9491 N. Steuben Road, Daniel and Camille Noonan to Benjamin J. and Erika R. Carrier, $70,000.

Steuben, 9035 Lewis Road N., Jolene K. Miller to John and Clara Byler, $20,000.

Trenton, 7258 Trenton Road, Elizabeth Doolittle to Nolan R. and Wendy K. Snyder, $84,500.

Trenton, 8491 Old Poland Road, Carole R. Beckwith, Douglas C. Redmond, Sandra L. Redmond, Elizabeth C. Redmond, Margaret R. Hopkins and Patricia T,. Redmond individually and as executrix of the Estate of Robert A. Redmond, deceased, to Daniel T. Zoeckler II, and Jessica L. Cassidy, $75,500.

Trenton, 8401 Old Poland Road, Donna J. Case and John S. Denelsbeck Jr, to Kathleen A. Moccaldi, $125,000.

Trenton, 7890 Steuben St., Brian Ure to Kristin Brennan, $150,000.

Vernon, 437 Park St., William J. and Margaret R. Burns, to Thomas G. and Larisa S. Watts, $153,000.

Vernon, 6346 College Hill Road, Brookfield Relocation Inc., to Andrew and Alesandra Pellecchia, $390,000.

Vernon, 4318 Hawthorne Dr., Paul M. and Cheryl Kardjian, to Muftah A. Kadura and Sabah Elmasouri, $530,000.

Verona, 6619 NYS Route 46. Park Seven LLC., to Transportation Alliance Bank Inc., $40,882.

Verona, 4839 Spring Road, State of Edward E. Martin, deceased, by Darlene A. Hobin, executrix, to Anthony P. and Talysa A. Iannello, $35,000.

Verona, Cornell St., Joseph Klis to Jaclyn Howard, $6,000.

Verona, 6080 NYS Route 31, Kathleen St. Crois to Nicholas J. St. Croix, $60,000.

Verona, Cuse Holdings LLC to Marion and Dennis Brenon, $33,000.

Verona, 4914 NYS Route 365, Joann Whitmoyer to Mary Jo Beach, $115,000.

Verona, Blackmans Corners Road, Allen W. and Mary Ellen Kime to Wentworth Construction LLC, $15,000.

Verona, 4165 Senn Road, Estate of Phyllis J. Casadei, to Brittany Gullerat, $18,810.

Verona, Merry Street, Diane J. Ferris, trustee of Anthony Serour Trust, to Melinda Lee and Randy J. Kiser, $10,000.

Verona, 5605 Bridge St., Edward Dixon, James Dixon, Geraldine Rousseay and Evelyn Dixon to Kirtland DiLapi, $30,000.

Verona, 5574 Station St., Alicia M. Carrier to Kimberly D. Pawlikowski, $139,900.

Vienna, 2412 Pleasant Ave., David Dittler to Jacqueline S. Campbell, $43,000.

Vienna, Maple Flats Road, Stephen B. Unruh, executor, and John C. Unruh, executor, to ARH, LLC., $57,500.

Western, 8033 Evans Road, David A. and LeAnn M. Mogensen to Jonathan Ross and Amy Olivella, $121,900.

Westmoreland, Old Oneida Road, Gibson Hill Inc., to Russell D. Johnson Jr, LLC., $6,500.

Westmoreland, 5291 Old Oneida Road, Gerald D. Austin, David H. Austin and Connie L. Mroczek to Amber M. Austin, $40,000.

Westmoreland, 5799 Scadden Road, John D. Mondrick to Donald Majka, $115,000.

Westmoreland, 6914 Lowell Road, Karen J. Rocker to Scott and Maryann Bechtel, $30,000.

Whitestown, 33 Maple St., Mark S. Evans and Robert T. Evans to Carol Ferguson and Barbara Paternoster, $110,000.

Whitestown, 40 Plymouth Ave., Linda Deffer as executor of the estate of Ann M. Doepel to Bryan and Sheilah Brown, $152,500.

Whitestown, 211 Benson Ct, Tamara Socha and Kimberly S. Zeoli, administratrix of the estate of Michael H. Frasl, to William R. and Lindsey Rae Callahan, $325,000.

Whitestown, 114 Westmoreland St., Richard L. Gerken III and Lynne C. Dekeyzcr of the Dekeyzcr Living Trust to Robert Long, $73,140.

Whitestown, 2217 Maynard Ave., Bryan Brawn to Kristena M. Palaka, $78,970.

Whitestown, 2318 Graham Ave.., Sharon L. Manolescu to Fredrick J. Nackley and Lorri Keith, $79,000.

Whitestown, 23 Redwood Ave., Kirk Irrevocable Trust, to Kathleen M. Dolan, $125,000.

Whitestown, 13 Sprucedale Acve., John Flaherty Jr., to David P. Socham, $133,000.

Whitestown, 14 Campbell Ave., Marchia L. Kaczor as executor to Joseph R. Kaczor, $75,000.

Whitestown, 45 Cedarbrook Crescent, Theodore J. and Patricia M. Belsky to Shawn O. and Barbara L. Turner, $143,000.

Whitestown, 5 Glendale Pl., Steven Madrak, executor, and Theresa Mandrak Candella, executor, to Amy S. Karas, $72,000.

Whitestown, 6 Walnut Dr., Clarke Barre to Kevin Wuest and Elizabeth L. Bronk, $40,000.