Area students get MVCC degrees, certificates

UTICA — Mohawk Valley Community College held its fall commencement in the Robert R. Jorgensen Athletics/Event Center on the Utica Campus. Some 290 MVCC students were invited to walk across stage for the conferral of associate degrees or certificates.

MVCC students who were recognized for completion of their academic programs listing Rome mailing addresses are:

Aaron Premo, LA&S General Studies, Andrew Dillman, Individual Studies, Autumn Collins, Criminal Justice, Autumn Collins, Business Management, Benjamin Philbrook, Chemical Dependancy Practitioner, Brian White Jr., Airframe & Powerplant Technology, Caleb Bushey, Airframe & Powerplant Technology, Chad Mullen, Criminal Justice, Christina Dittmar, LA&S General Studies; Daniel Tyler, Welding Technology, Danielle Walker, LA&S General Studies, David Roman, Criminal Justice,

Ethan O’Connell, Computer Information Systems, Jeffery Crippen, Airframe & Powerplant Technology, Jeremy Sands, Air Conditioning Technology - Refrigeration, John Lawson, LA&S General Studies; Joseph Underwood, Airframe & Powerplant Technology, Joseph Whitteker Jr., LA&S: Public Policy;

Joshua Deptola, Business Management, Kathleen Lowes, Data Proc - Programing & Systems, Kayla Bunal, LA&S General Studies, Kelly Warcup, Advertising Photography; Kevin Burdick, Advertising - Media Marketing & Management, Lawrence Kalk, LA&S: Adolescence Education, Lori Hart, Administrative Assistant, Luis Ramirez, Chemical Dependancy Practitioner, Luis Ramirez, Human Services;

Maryann Vierow, Supervisory Management, Michael DiIanni, Criminal Justice, Michael Giardino, LA&S: Adolescence Education;

Michael Southwell, Criminal Justice, Michael Thomas, LA&S General Studies, Nathan Taylor, Airframe & Powerplant Technology, Paul Colangelo, Business Accounting, Paula Bochniak, Business Accounting, Paula Bochniak, Business Management; Porchia Williams, Criminal Justice,

Ralph Vacca, LA&S General Studies, Regina Parent, Business Management, Regina Parent, Business Accounting, Samantha Seigler, Criminal Justice, Sarah Lokker, LA&S General Studies, Sean Peter Hallenbeck, LA&S General Studies, Shane Lantry, Welding Technology, Tammy Cottrell, LA&S - Psychology, Teri Hoffmeister, Administrative Assistant;

Tracy Lynn Rosa, Business Accounting, Tyler Butters, Data Proc - Programing & Systems, Vincent Coccia, LA&S General Studies, Zachary VonBernuth, Chef Training, Zachary VonBernuth, Culinary Arts Management;

Other area graduates:

Blossvale — Jordan Blowers, Criminal Justice; Mary Castilla, LA&S General Studies; Michele Tobiasson, Allied Health Care.

Boonville — Anthony Ventura, LA&S General Studies; Carin Kent, LA&S General Studies; Darlene Kay Wells, LA&S General Studies; Kaylyn Leffingwell, LA&S General Studies; Martin Candee, LA&S - Mathematics & Science General Studies.

Camden — Branden Brown, Criminal Justice; Jonathan Conway, Business Accounting; Melissa Reynolds, LA&S General Studies; Sandra Lee Schiffer, Human Services, Chemical Dependancy Practitioner; Stacey Furney, Criminal Justice; Steven Kenealy, LA&S - Mathematics & Science General Studies.

Cleveland — Patrina Shute, Business Accounting.

Clinton — Abigail Warfel, LA&S: Childhood Education; Andrew Clark, CNC Machinist Technology; Caitlin Fitzpatrick, LA&S General Studies; David Andrew Stephens, Individual Studies - Technology; Erin Maxam, Criminal Justice; Heather Moorehead, Business Management; James Femia, Criminal Justice; Mekenzie Shorey, Advertising Photography; Sarah Brooks, Advertising Photography; Shelby Sauter, Advertising - Media Marketing & Management.

Deansboro — Kaitlin Welch, Criminal Justice; Michael Michael, LA&S General Studies; Emmanuel Gomez, Deerfield, Financial Services Management; Jamie Collins, Durhamville, Advertising Photography; Dylan Lyon, Forestport, LA&S - Mathematics & Science General Studies.

Holland Patent — Janelle DeBonzo, Hotel Technology - Meeting Services Management; Kala Moe, LA&S General Studies;

Lee Center — John Barnaby, Airframe & Powerplant Technology; Judy Tallarino, Business Management; Melissa Nicotera, Business Management; Ryder Pratt, LA&S General Studies.

Madison — Jonathan Stevens, Air Conditioning Technology - Refrigeration; Karen Howe, Allied Health Care; Jamie Moore, Advertising Photography; Jill Carncross, LA&S - Mathematics & Science General Studies.

Marcy — Michael Marrone, Advertising - Media Marketing & Management; Samantha Metacarpa, LA&S General Studies; Paige Garry, Munnsville, LA&S General Studies;

Oriskany — Jeffrey Williamson Jr., Human Services; Kourtnee Fernalld, LA&S - Psychology; Richard Bruce Phelps, Human Services.

Oriskany Falls — Ann Christ, Allied Health Care; Katherine Kerr, LA&S General Studies; Kathleen Phillips, Allied Health Care; Penny Marie Scott, Remsen, Chemical Dependancy Practitioner; Penny Marie Scott, Remsen, Human Services.

Sherrill — Katie Lipke, Chemical Dependancy Practitioner;.

Taberg — Katrina Proper, Human Services; Lindsay Marsh, Surgical Technician; Thomas Todi III, Computer Info Systems; Timothy Brown, Carpentry & Masonry.

Vernon — Rachel Rogers, Culinary Arts Management.

Verona — Adam Vanderhoof, LA&S General Studies; Lauren Pallas, LA&S General Studies; Sarah Preston, Criminal Justice.

Westmoreland — Kristopher Light, Digital Animation.

Whitesboro — Benjamin Brady, LA&S General Studies; Brian Jweid, Business Management; Danielle Harvey, LA&S General Studies; David Marlenga, Business Accounting; David Pugliese, CNC Machinist Technology; John Convertino, Criminal Justice; Katherine Deck, LA&S: Childhood Education; Kristyn Helmer, LA&S General Studies; Lana Stevens, Business Management; Melissa Beck, LA&S General Studies; Michelle Klein, LA&S General Studies; Nolan Wiginton, Business Administration; Ruth Elow, LA&S General Studies.