New channels at RMH

A $50,000 donation by M&T Bank has enabled Rome Memorial Hospital to purchase a new television system to provide patient and staff education.

"We believe Rome Memorial Hospital plays an important part in keeping the city of Rome healthy and vibrant," said Allen J. Naples, M&T Central New York regional president.

Rome Hospital Foundation Board President Gregory Mattacola said: "The new television system will help educate our patients and their families and enable them to learn more about their diagnosis while they recuperate in the hospital."

With the $50,000 contribution to the foundation, the hospital purchased a nine-channel medical media on demand system which delivers everything from staff and patient education to relaxation and diabetes information.

The programming will be broadcast through the existing local cable system in patient rooms and staff areas as closed circuit channels 80-88.

The focus on patient education is an important aspect of the system according to Rome Memorial’s Director of Education and Employee Health, Gale Barone.


"Most patients spend a relatively short time in the hospital," she said. "In addition to the tests and treatments we provide, one of the most important things we can do for our patients is help them understand their diagnosis, treatment and to prepare them to care for themselves properly at home."

Patient education programs cover the following conditions: heart and lung, surgeries, diabetes, pregnancy and newborn care, lifestyle and general health information. "Studies done on hospitalized patients, show that only 50-60 percent of the information provided to them by healthcare professionals is retained," she continued. "Our patient education television system reinforces key information in a format that is easy to understand. This will improve patient outcomes and satisfaction and decrease re-admissions to the hospital."

The system will also be used to educate hospital staff, according to Barone. "New medications, treatments, and technologies are developed every day," she explained. "Healthcare providers need to constantly update their knowledge. The staff education channel is one more tool to help educate caregivers and employees, many of whom work various shifts."

The Rome Hospital Foundation is the fund-raising arm of Rome Memorial Hospital. The foundation works with corporations and individual donors to seek funds which are used to support the hospital’s mission of delivering quality healthcare with compassion. To learn more about the Foundation, call 338-7181.