Rusty Doves play the Park

HOLLAND PATENT —The Park Coffee House welcomes back to its stage "the very entertaining" Rusty Doves at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Admission is $10. The Park Coffee House is in the Fellowship room of the Presbyterian "twin" churches just off the village park on Route 365.

The "Doves" are Alyssa Stock and Jerry Dischiavo who present themselves as an old time duo playing a progressive blend of swing, bluegrass, ragtime jazz, and folk. Jerry lays down the heartbeat of the duo with his upright bass.

Though he is classically trained, Jerry has been said to "play the bass like a dance partner¿with agility, command, and a steady rhythmic excitement that becomes contagious."

"In other words, his dance partnership with his bass makes you want to dance!," coffee house organizers said.

Alyssa is often the lead voice and her vocals are accompanied by the strum of her mandolin.

The duo often refers to itself as an "old time" duo, since its musical selections date back to the 1920’s. Yet they select songs from all the decades, applying their own interpretation.

The coffee house is set up with small tables for easy conversation before and between two sets of music. Desserts and traditional coffee house beverages are available for a donation.