Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

1788 N. George St., Eda C. Fernandez to William Fernandez II, $8,205 ($79,300).

1904 N. Madison St., William W. and Donna M. Baker to J. Michael and Katherine Cross Hovey, $120,000 ($92,300).

1011 W. Dominick St., F. Paul Cataldo II and Lisa M. DiCastro to Robert J. and Karen A. Alderich, $71,900 ($83,500).

136 Riverview Pkwy N., Matthew M. and Michelle E. Whelan to Jeffrey M. and Donna M. Morat, $88,100 ($61,500).

215 Gansevoort Ave., estate of Mary E. Kulisz to Michael J. Medley, $20,000 ($42,400).

309 and 311 E. Bloomfield St., City of Rome to LaRoma’s Restaurant, $1,000 ($49,700).

1301 Cedarbrook Drive, Federal National Mortgage Ass. to Andrew J. Baker, $44,500 ($40,000).

400 W. Cedar St., Thomas M. Miller to Matthew Bartholomew, trustee of Louis and Celia Bartholomew Irrevocable Trust, $139,000 ($71,400).

203 E. Pine St., Daniel J. and Pamela M. Burns to Steven R. Carro, $75,000 ($47,500).

414 N. James St., Rome Main Street Alliance Inc. to YES Development LLC, $93,000 ($45,000).

704 Croton St., Matthew R. Soboloski to Dumitru and Ioana Trasca, $72,300 ($61,700).

411 Expense St., Joseph D. and Elizabeth A. Ott to Evelina D. and Henry L. Savage, $56,000 ($47,100).

409 N. James St., Diane Martin Grande, referee, to Linda M. Cataldo, $91,068 ($99,500).

14 Pleasant Drive, John A. Herbowy, referee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $59,000 ($4,250).

207 E. Linden St., Richard Artigiani to Amanda Cortese, $140,000 ($25,800).

706 Union St., Harold J. III and Sandra M. Burkhart to Frank J. Aston Jr., $80,560 ($55,000).

8360 Turin Road, Lydia M. LaGasse to Deborah K. Baer, $110,000 ($66,400).

6900 Wright Settlement Road, Richard J. Corradino to Barry L. and Mary J. Hewitt, $60,000 ($50,800).

317 Urbandale Pkwy, City of Rome to Joseph D. and Elizabeth A. Ott, $55,000 ($20,000).

605, 607, 609 Highland Ave., 908 Gould Place, Kelley A. Graichen to Phyllis J., Joseph P. and Philip J. Sanzone, $65,000 ($48,000).

606 Calvert St., Aaron G. Dewey, estate of Robin Sue Dewey, to Anthony J. Pettinelli Jr. and Edward J. Green, $25,000 ($51,600).

8145 Buena Vista Drive, Ward C. Jr. and Mary R. Yourdon, Gloria J. Washburn, Deborah L. Coonrod, Valerie M. Schmadel for estate of Mary Ann Clark, to Penny A. Vaughn, $82,000 ($60,500).

Lauther Road, vacant land, City of Rome to Louis F. McIntosh Jr., $650 ($5,000).

106 Crossgate Road, Lois A. Puglio for estate of Anthony W. Puglio, Theresa A. McGibbon and Patricia A. Kerr to Connie Pearson, $65,000 ($57,200).

117 W. Embargo St., Embargo SStreet Properties LLC to Eric D. and Candice L. Westcott, $1 ($75,800).

619 Parry St., vacant land, City of Rome to Shannon L. and Arica M. Rudd, $650 ($2,600).

8105 Buena Vista Drive, estate of Vincent Mungari to Mark A. Hayes, $53,000 ($60,200).

501 S. James St., Bruce Reisner to Casey Coleman, $13,500 ($26,500).

306-08, 310-12, 226-28 N. Doxtator Ave., Charles A. Kaplan to A&L Storage LLC, $138,000 ($166,100).

105-107 Columbus Ave., Virginia Recchio, JoAnn Wolan, and Albert and Gary Cingranelli to David W. Secor, $57,000 ($42,800).

1900 N. James St., David J. Vinci to Christina Steurrys, $116,000 ($65,000).

530 William St., City of Rome to Benjamin Salloum, $16,800 ($33,700).

Parcel F6B-6, Griffiss Business and Tech. Park, Oneida County Industrial Development Agency to Griffiss Local Developement Corp., $1 (part of $61,895,680).

906 Ruby St., 2/7th interest, Randy J. Schaal bankruptcy trustee for Ann F. Corgiliano and Carol Graham to Michael J. Bogacz and Kayla M. Wasco, $116,600 ($86,000).

7757 Merrick Road, Rome Council, No. 391 Knights of Columbus of Rome to 2 Brothers of CNY LLC, $225,000 ($174,000).

6966 S. James St., Eugene R. and Dorothy R. DePasquale to Gregory C. Froschauer, $81.971.

145-47 Whitesboro St., Peter A. Karl III, intermediary for AXAR Corp., to Ishwar Charan-Rome Corp., $1,290,000 ($404,000).

145-47 Whitesboro St., portion, AXAR Corp. to Annette A. Marullo and Linda J. Dudziak, $1 ($404,000).

8350 Oxford Road, Michael and Karen E. Houghton to Richard J. Artigiani and Shannon L. Cortese-Artigiani, $375,000 ($178,000).

811 W. Liberty St., Cheryl and Henry Cadrette to Wells Fargo Bank n.a. as trustee, $89,124 ($47,700).

201 Riverview Pkwy N., Stephen J. Markle to Jared C. Perham, $125,000 ($72,200).

7900 Westernville Road, Todd M. and Deborah A. Roberts to Jason M. and Kelly A. Roberts, $146,300 ($74,000).

907 Dewitt Lane, Paul T. Hyde to Bernadette E. Gengler, $60,000 ($46,000).

7637 Gifford Road, Betty J. Beckwith to Kristen M. Boudreau, $79,000 ($67,000).

615 W. Dominick St., Gary and Barbara Clemens to Clay W. Clemens, $75,000 ($69,700).

333 Fairfax St., vacant land, City of Rome to Robert and Ramona Karsten, $525 ($2,500).

1005 N. Madison St., Philip J. Vescio III to Matthew J. and Irene T. Vescio, $68,000 ($60,000).

1914 Bedford St., Timothy and Jaime Reilly to Patrick J. and Gail H. Reilly, $170,000 ($124,000).