Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

210-212 Prospect St., Christine Trophia, Anthony and Pasquale Terzini to Lorne Giles, $87,980 ($63,100).

1407 N. Madison St., Kristie M. Falcone to Shane C. Yoxall, $152,900 ($86,000).

Harbor Way, commercial, City of Rome to MSP LLC, $17,000 ($50,700).

215 N. James St., Barbara W. Dunn to Maureen D. Murphy, trustee, Barbara W. Dunn Living Trust, $1 ($51,900).

7718 Gifford Road, Richard A. and Heather L. Meeker to Kari L. Tollefsrud, $125,000 ($77,600).

410 W. Liberty St., City of Rome to Sandra Corrice, $500 ($16,600).

601 Park Drive, Jacqueline M. Emma fna Palmer to Brian and Brenda Engel, $102,900 ($46,500).

7929 Turin Road, Jason B. Gleasman to Harold J. III and Sandra M. Burkhart, $141,500 ($74,800).

506 W. Oak St., Pa Irrevocable Trust to Patricia A. and Mark T. Malorzo, $1 ($120,000).

514-516 S. Jay St., Louis N. and Lorraine Renault to Matthew S. and Kristen L. Waterman, $5,000 ($13,000).

Hoag Road, vacant land, Otto T. and Rocco V. Altamuro, Paul A. Basilio, and Mary H. Haskell-Nichols, to Richard D. and Megan E. Johnson, $1 ($46,900).

701 Croton St., Heidi L. Shean to Justin C. Palmer, $46,500 ($69,500).

515 W. Dominick St., First Niagara Realty to Bryant Property Management LLC, $16,500 ($33,000).

300 S. Madison St., Eleanor H. Cary, Patricia A. Joyce, and Katherine A. Trela to Bryant Property Management LLC, $20,000 ($32,600).

904 McKinley Avenue, Justin A.C. Cianfrocco to Brandon S. Mendoza, $87,980 ($51,200).

130 Fourth St., Dominick V. and Helen Falcone to Deborah E. McMillan, $62,000 ($54,000).

605 Healy Ave., Bret J. Bailey to Joseph A. Stevens, $76,200.

1418-1420 E. Dominick St., estate of Francis Christopher by Joann Derrick to Michelle Rose Corp., $45,000 ($60,600).

5329 White Road, Nathan Southard to Diane V. Sroka, $1 ($106,939).

609 Highland Ave., vacant land, estate of Rose M. Sanzone to Joseph P. and Philip J. Sanzone, $1 ($1,000).

6631 Bartlett Road, Sandra A. Simpson, Linda J. Segreto, and Jennie C. Macior to Mandy J. Wynn, $86,000 ($70,000).

Bartlett Road, vacant land, Sandra A. Simpson, Linda J. Segreto, and Jennie C. Macior to Mandy J. Wynn, $1 ($12,400).

214-216 E. Bloomfield St., Morris and Marieann Yaddow to Morris Yaddow, $1 ($66,300).

4 Terrace Court, Stuart W. Deane to Karen E. Deane, $1 ($45,400).

1040 W. Embargo St., Jerry J., Yvonne A., Randolph J., and Ronald P. Harris to Penelope J. Clark, $63,000 ($45,000).

403 Walnut St., James P. Ruzanski to Timothy M. and Heather N. Sestito, $156,000 ($69,500).

1188 Erie Blvd. W., City of Rome to 1188 Erie Blvd. LLC., $21,300 ($88,000).

922 W. Dominick St., Roberta A. Plato, Joann R. Smith and Shirley J. Sutton to Scott M. Avery, $44,100 ($51,300).

916 Elm St., Karen M. Trophia to Kristin F. Marlow, $74,160 ($65,600).

7152 Townline Road, Glenn and Kathy Hawks, $120,000 ($54,700).

1510 N. George St., Madeline H. Retrosi to Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association, $176,048 ($121,000).

145 E. Whitesboro St., Axar Corp. to Peter A. Karl III, intermediary, $1 ($404,000).

407 Depeyster St., City of Rome to Giliberto Gonzalez, $40,000 ($37,500).

123-125 Third St., Joseph Robert Loring Christofaro to Margaret Ruth Miller, $50,000 ($80,900).

701 Elm St., Anna P. Drewry, Francesca P. Slesinger, Salvatore J. and Caterina Piemonte to Robin LaDue, $30,000 ($63,600).

610 N. Washington St., Jerry. J. Jr. and Carolyn Corigliano to Richard Belcastro and Jessica Smithers, $54,000 ($40,000).

7076 Oriskany Road, Ethan H. Seymour to Tamara Seymour, $53,895 ($53,200).

400 Oakwood St., Sara Lopez and Pamela C. Grasso to David Leonbruno, $72,000 ($52,400).

818 Bradford Drive, estate of M. Vivienne Collatz to Dana M. Turck, $60,000 ($43,300).

701 Calvert St., vacant land, City of Rome to Howard D. Johnson, $600 ($2,000).

757 W. Liberty St., Kristi M. Maggio to Nicholas C. Clemens, $77,000.

6879 Wilson Road, John J. Jr. and Lawrence T. Corr to John J. Jr. and Jessica Corr, $1 ($75,700).

7987 Winfield Circle, Roderick and Nadia Nettles to Steven C. and Stacey L. Cole, $177,500 ($90,000).

432 Henry St., PHH Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $10 ($29,300).

623 Healy Ave., Pamela E. Harvey to Thomas H. Stokes, $63,000 ($49,500).