Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Town deeds

Whitestown, 5 Slaytonbush Road, Sharon Blask-Dreyer to Kevin G. Gates and Allison M. Trevisani, $298,000,

Whitestown, 10 Edgemont Circle, Jason D. Schultz and Sania H. Allen to Richard L. Jr., and Megan E. Lutz, $95,000.

Whitestown, 163 Ben Bar Circle, Henah Chaudhry to William F. and Danielle N. Lipe, $215,000.

Whitestown, 296 Main Street, MJM2 Realty LLC to Edina Dizdarevic, $28,000.

Whitestown, 23 Pine Street, Jonathon S. and Diane M. Lewis, to Lisa M. Hallam, $118,000.

Rome deeds

4994 Oswego Road, City of Rome to Thomas Fish, $500 ($11,000)

808-810 Elm St., Sandra M. Tomasi to Edwards G. Ferrare, Jr., $34,000 ($51,200)

410 Lynwood St., Robb J. Marchione to Jodi Karle Serrano, $108,927 ($87,190)

106 Railroad St., City of Rome to John Volpe, $500 ($3,700)

424 W. Park St., City of Rome to Mary Jo Crever, $650 ($17,500)

6873 S. James St., Carmen M. Favata to Centurion Capital Corp., $1,000 ($32,100)

6875 S. James St., Carmen M. Favata to Centurion Capital Corp., $15,000 ($43,800)

8009 Brookside Dr., Patricia A. Jones to Eric C. Jones, $1 ($79,000)

117 Glen Road S., John J. and Kathy B. Scaccia to Richard M. Fitsik, $89,500 ($60,800).

714 W. Embargo St., Michael L. Macalik to Michael L. Macalik and Jodi K. Macalik, $1 ($69,300)

421 Mary St., Frank and Carol Cauterucci to Mathew Varughese, $550 ($1,000)

1001 N. George St., Jason T. and Julie Dutt to Jason T. Dutt, $1 ($131,000)

102-104 E. Thomas St., Frank and Carol Cauterucci to Mathew Varughese, $24,475 ($44,900)

6376 Anderegg Drive, David L. Marks to Rebecca M. Shaddon, $65,500 ($3,300)

1706 N. Madison St., Nicholas Aquino III and Elizabeth R. Salloum to Edwards and Stacey R. Zeszytko, $149,900 ($67,500)

6816 Toni Hill Road, BNK Trucking, Inc., by Anthony F. Nobis, president, to Donald E. Evans, St., $25,000 ($25,800)

502 W. Park St., Virginia R. Bromley to Richard Bohning, $13,500 ($18,900)

1714 N. James St., Jeannette E. Golden a/k/a Jeannette L. Golden, to Linda E. Weaver and David J. Golden, $4,085 ($90,884)

611 Laurel St., Susan R. Coon to Belangie Perez-Torres, $116,000 ($66,900)

6949 Oriskany Road, Jerald A. Hunter, executor of the Estate of Florence C. Hunter, Natalie J. Senesen and Donald B. Converse to Beau E. Cartier, $74,094 ($60,500)

644 Parry St., Bernard J. and Jeanette M. Scaccia to Jack R. Roux, Jr., $52,900 ($48,100)

112 Milton Dr, Edward J. Zeszutko to Stephanie Hawkins, $48,000 ($32,000)

212 N. George St., Cathleen M. Zalewski to Theodore Crawford II, $72,000 ($71,100)

310 Mayberry Rd, City of Rome to Hunter, Ben & Roman Enterprisesm, LLC, $7,800 ($38,900)

311 Turin St., City of Rome to Rochester Clark, $15,030 ($23,500)

7853 Passer Rd, Jack A. Andrews to Bonnie G. and Jack A. Andrews, $1 ($70,748)

710-710 1/2 N. Madison St., Robert J. Wright as executor of estate of Alice R. Wright to Robert J. Wright, $1 ($117,600)

5643 Rome-Taberg Rd, Kim Elliott to Chad Tennant and Bonnie Kimball, $20,000 ($55,800)

202 W. Oak St., Jean R. Healy to David B. Jarvis and Meinda T. Bartholomew, $165,000 ($101,150)

1608 Carroll St., Betsy M. Franz, John D. McMahon and James E. McMahon to Andrea Panara, $80,000 ($66,800)

1111 Laurel St., John N. Vella and Mary Finver, as trustees of Vella Irrevocable Trust, to Christopher R. Stockton, $72,500 ($52,600)

914 N. James St., George A. Wakulik to Benjamin Salloum, $18,000 ($42,200)

6837 Stanwix Ave., Oneida County Board of Legislators to Jeffrey Augustine, $9,500 ($49,100)

1317 Schuyler St., Suzanne Doolittle, Sheila H. Semo and Sybil Preski as trustees of the John Scott Houser Third Party Special Needs Trust, $69,000 ($64,100)

112 Fourth St., Tania L. Premo to W.D. Housing & Holdings LLC, $37,000 ($39,000)

119 W. Linden St., Matthew J. and Irene T. Vescio to Sylvia D. Stirpe, $75,000 ($43,300)

511-513 Calvert St., Kirk N. Spencer and Leo R. Capoccia III to Anthony J. Pettinelli, Jr., $1 ($4,900)

621 William St., Walter J. Berwick to Berwick Enterprises, LLC, $1 ($32,000)

1009 Westbrook Dr., Nicole A. Palma to Kevin B. Lundrigan, $66,000 ($47,000)

Canterbury Hill Road, Deborah Urtz to David A. Schallenberg II and Douglas Schallenberg, $80,000 ($38,000)

200 Bell Road, Adam P. Bone to Alanna J. Bone, $1 ($51,900)

122 Urbandale Parkway, Harry O. Gough and Margaret S. Bartley to Mark T. and Amy J. Rotundom $60,000 ($30,900)

101 Balsam Ave., Robert M. Carrier to Silvia Ferrari, $69,900 ($50,000)

Oriskany Road, Robert Seiple to Karen Basile, $67,500 ($60,100)

1816 Dunham Rd, Chandler M. and Danielle L. Wilcox to Laurence A. and Jessica L. Skelton, $116,900 ($64,000)

114 Colonial Drive, Joy Ann Schneider to Sean P. Finley $88,829 ($52,400)

118 Dean St., Allison Boucher to Alicia Rocco, $69,900 ($44,500)

1705 Bedford St. Estate of Domenica M. Crossman to Slate Creek Homes, LLC, $75,000 ($63,600)

6642 Shank Ave., Beneficial Homeowner Service Corporation to Jennifer Marie Bartkowiak, $49,000 ($48,200)