Real estate transfers

Annsville, Pond Hill Road, Robert W. Sauer to Jason P. Walters, $5,000.

Annsville, 9349 Coal Hill Road, Justin VanEtten to Catherine L. Knight, $95,400.

Annsville, 10129 Taberg-Florence Road, Tammy A. Burke, Richard W. Douglas, Jr., to Dale T. and Betsy A. Prosser, $30,000.

Augusta, Lay Road and Hewitt Road, John J. Boratyn to Mahlon H. and Elizabeth R. Shetler, $210,000.

Augusta, 6200 Knoxboro Road, Alfred E. and Judith M. Combellack to Audra D. and Mervin King, $146,800.

Augusta, 6238 Barker Road, Theodore E., Legacy to Derek M. and Shelly J. Studer, $97,900.

Augusta, 5573 Knoxboro Road (West Street), Alliance Bank to Roger W, Brouillette, $20,000.

Augusta, 6000 Munz Road, William S. and Eileen M. Hopsicker to Andrew M. and Susan L. Dugan, $345,000.

Boonville, Pfendler Road, Aaron Pfendler to Dennis Peters, $1,000.

Boonville, 9225 Dean Road, Jacob B,. and Emily G. MacDougall to Michael P. Moore and Angela J. Fynmore, $267,800.

Booville, Joslin Road, Joseph J. Snyder to James C. Snyder, $14,000.

Boonville, 200 Post Street, Boonville Bowl-O-Rama, LLC, to Boonville Lanes, LLC, $280,000.

Boonville, 8420 Post Street, Lyndon J. Sheldrick to Lillian Noti, $80,000.

Boonville, 7081 Fox Court, Michael Nelson and Paula Brittelli to Gerald HJ. and Laura D. LePage, $195,000.

Boonville, Joslin Road, G & C Martin Logging, Inc., to Robert K. Jr. and Carol S. Keller, $135,000.

Boonville, 217 Main St., Domenic O.and Jeanne F. Cerro to Leroy W. Redner, $19,000.

Boonville, 104 Belle-Iles Place, Bruce K. Jr and Jan M. Denslow to Gretchen M. Schlicht and Daniel Pace, $161,000.

Boonville, 13 Lansing Place, Eric Kaiding to Michael J., Downey, $125,000.

Boonville, Potato Hill Road, William J. Jr., Walter F. and Lydia Marcy and Debra L. Peach to William J. Jr. and Sallie M. Marcy, $2,800.

Boonville, Dorn Road, David S. Ernst to Michael P. and Maranda K. Platt, $15,000.

Camden, 112 Main St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Carl Perham, $24,000.

Camden & Florence, Farm East, LLC., to Salmon River Timberlands, LLC., $12,549,888.

Camden, 10535 River Road, Jill E. Southard to Ambur L. Koawski, $90,000.

Camden, Lot 3 NYS Route 69, Christmas Forestry and Farm, LLC. to Roland J. Johnson and Marianne M. DiMauro, $8,500.

Camden, Lot 3 NYS Route 69, Christmas Forestry and Farm, LLC. to Roland J. Johnson and Marianne M. DiMauro, $16,500.

Camden, 10774 Florence Hill Road, Marc A. Engelbrecht to Jeremy Kelly, $21,000.

Deerfield, 29 Fineview Dr., Estate of Lois N. Firsching, to Joanne E. Phelps, Trustee, Joanne E. Phelps Revocable Trust, $100,000.

Deerfield, 6166 Smith Hill Road, Frank H., LaDue and Mary L. Koperda to Andrey Silchuk, $95,000.

Deerfield, 6028 Walker Road, Federal Home Mortgage Associationto Solus Properties, Inc., $131,900.

Deerfield, 11227 Steuben Road W., Panelized Specialties, Inc., to Seth J. and Sara Rae Nebush, $211,616.

Deerfield, 5599 Trenton Road, Russell E. Clayton and Delores R. Clayton to Raymond J. Zangrilli, III, and Jamie Lee Zangrilli, $118,000.

Florence, Lot 4, Thompson Corners Road, Christmas & Associates, Inc., to Emmet Tyree Jr., $19,995.

Florence, 12170 Florence-Redfield Road, Jonathan J. Platt to Thjomas E. and Loretta N. Confer, $18,000.

Florence, Rosebud Lane, John and Lorraine Courcy to William Brosnan, $15,000.

Floyd, 8901 Thompson Road, John E. Grogan and Kathleen R,. Grogran to Allen A. and Martha W. Byler, $225,000.

Floyd, 7404 Floyd-Camroden Road, Diadre L. Carhart to Branjen Realty Holding, LLC., $23,000.

Floyd, 7726 Kilborne Road, Stephen B. Packard II and CaSandra Packard to Stephanie Rose, $165,880.

Floyd, 7359 Davis Road, Robinson E. and Youngok Ko Pino to Stephen B. Packard II, $223,500.

Floyd, 7803 Camroden Road, Burton F. and Linda E. Darling to Gail Haynes, $120,000.

Forestport, 7063 Walnut St., Paula Lynch to Paul Boor, $45,000.

Forestport, Lone Pine Drive, David E. Marzolf and Beverly A. Levreault to Jeremy Piccione, $40,000.

Forestport, 12822 NYS Route 28, Gregory A. Mattacola to First Bank, $200,000.

Forestport, 12794 NYS Route 28, Trena Fisher to John V. Mikalauskas, $145,000.

Kirkland, 3695 Fountain St., Louis A. Woolley to Sally Emery, $7,000.

Kirkland, 24 Meadow St., Ellen Damsky to Clinton Colonial Village, LLC., $42,240.

Kirkland, 3 Skryker Lane, The Trustees of Hamilton College to Kaurie J. Gant, $118,000.

Kirkland, 7471 Dugway Road, Estate of James L. Chamberlain to Abby E. Taylor and Laura E. Festine, $124,000.

Kirkland, 15 Hamilton Place, Catherine McDaniel to Marie L. Boucek, $185,000.

Kirkland, 6807 Reservoir Road, Jane M. Boehlert to Nathan I. Slawson, 65,000.

Kirkland, 3695 Fountain St., Louis A. Woolley to Sally Emery, $7,000,

Kirkland, 201 Arrowhead Way, Vasilios and Sandra L. Kleftis to Stephen and Miranda Wade, $450,000.

Kirkland, 2980 Austin Road, Elizabeth R. Curtis to Sarah Hemendinger Basu, $73,000.

Kirkland, 11 Chestnut St., Alexander W. and Catherine G. Kodat to Russell S. and Emily H. Marcus, $410,000.

Kirkland, 7 Williams St., Saint James Church, Timothy S. Rewgen, Rector, to Lawrence Adler, $80,000.

Kirkland, 4596 French Road, Brenel Holdings, LLC., to Nigel D. Westmaas and Halycon O. Sealey-Westmaas, $227,000.

Kirkland, 124 Sanford Ave., Jude Lewis, Mary Lewis and Joyce MacGregor to Michael C. Day, $95,400.

Kirkland, 25 Proctor Ave., Jessie T. Gadziala to Lisa M. Heintz, $146,100.

Kirkland, 3415 Snowden Hill Rd, George Kozminski to Thomas F. Kirkpatrick, $165,000.

Kirkland, 47 Utica St., Jerome M. and Patricia P. Dawes, t Michael P. Gagnon, $176,000.

Lee, 9439 Harris Road, James M. Mondrick to Owen D. and Clara E. Yoder, $225,000.

Lee, 10073 Frenchtown Road, Green Tree Servicing, LLC, to Linda A. Murfit-Tilbe, $62,750.

Lee, 8816 Karlen Road, The Poeple of the State of New York c/o Canal Corporation, to John H. Martin Jr., Suzanne E. Martin and J. Russell Martin, $6,000.

Lee, 6325 Wager Drive, Estate of Jennie D. Wheeler, to Joshua S. Frey, $90,000.

Lee, 8762 Davidson Road, Francis A. Conover, Jr., to James Vincent Paternoster Revocable Trust, $125,000.

Lee, 5804 Capron Road, Rosmarie Simele and Francis Simele to Stanley and Sylvia Burk, $2,500.

Lee, Elmer Hill Road, Kathleen Rizzo to Lake Delta Business Center Corporation, $58,000.

Lee, 5345 Lee Center-Taberg Road, Yaworski’s Inc. to Robert Griffin III and Diane Griffin, $85,000.

Lee, 6079 Podunk Road, Francis M. Rembisz to Garry W. Gleason, $2,500.

Lee, 9532 Podunk Road, Stephen James Cullings to James Muldoon, $10,000.

Lee, 6013 Stokes-Lee Center Road, David R, Diodati, Esq., as referee, to CNB Realty Trust, $76,000,

Lee, 5871 Belcher Road, Robert T. and Dorothy L. Kerber, to Daniel D. and Laura J. Miller, $300,000.

Lee, 9256 Capron Road, Sharon M. Puglio to Patrick M. and Melanie R. Callahan, $145,000.

Remsen, 11895 NYS Route 365, Wayne, Dianel and Jeffrey Miller to Lionel and Laurie Green, $75,000.

Remsen, 11152 Goldie Roberts Road, Alyce M. Walburger to Mary Catherine Windecker, $115,000.

Remsen, 9691 James Road, Gary Bowen to Gary Bowen and Alan Bowen, $69,000.

Remsen, 9691 James Road, Gary Bowen to Bernard and Winifred Juoycki, $69,000.

Sangerfield, 107 Berrill Ave., Joanne C. Grimaldi to David Hendricks, $4,500.

Sangerfield, 125 Sanger Ave., Martin Cleary to Meredith Leland, $122,500.

Steuben, 9225 Jones Road, Russell D. Johnson, Jr., Holdings LLC, to Ronald L. Young, $139,900.

Trenton, 10716 Bolton Road, Eric P. and Danielle M. Carrier to David P. McLeod and Ashley M. Llewellyn, $123,500.

Trenton, Korber Road, Robert P. Seelman Trust to Anthony G. and Amy S. Cellamare, $18,000.

Trenton, NYS Route 12, Greg A. Urbanik and Arthur E. Hughes to The Hazard Group, LLC., $135,000.

Trenton, 7595 Putnam Road, Barbara J. Juh to Michelle Bault, $225,000.

Trenton, 9628 Round Barn Road, Vicki Vomer, Executrix of the Estate of Marylyn Bohn, to Janet Warcup, $101,000.

Trenton, 9138 Plank Road, Kenneth W. and Joan M. Clark to Donald J. Olejarczyk, $235,000.

Trenton, 9712 Powell Road, James LaRue to Linda Lauber, $137,500.

Trenton, 9606 Round Barn Road, Joseph Cook and Cherrelle Dickey to David Jones, $87,900.

Trenton, 8021 Sand Ridge Road, Arthur F. & Jean E. Stinebrickner to Jeffrey S. and Leslie L. Hobin, $307,900.

Trenton, 9315 Prospect Road, James R. Selfridge to Floyd A. and Sharon L. Manning, $20,000.

Trenton, 8858 Stockhauser Lane, William and Mary Lou Noeth to Sean and Michelle Stanley, $280,000.

Trenton, 9542 Main St., Sergio Enterprises to Changle Properties, LLC, $28,000.

Trenton, 10229 Mapledale Road, Sean C. and Michelle L. Stanley to Marianne T. Lange, $159,450.

Vienna, 8087 NYS Route 13, Christine Holmes to Priscilla A. Buyea, $36,900.

Vienna, 2379-2381 and 2385 NYS Route 49, Shannon Realty, LLC., to Edward and Krystyna Lambrych, $83,600.

Vienna, 8151 NYS Route 13, Patrick M. and Melanie R. Callahan to Joshua D,. and Richelle N. Loiacono, $28,000.

Vienna, Marina Drive, Joseph and Kelly A. Gilbert to Paul E. Thomas Jr. and Deborah A. Thomas, $15,500.

Vienna, 8282 Kimball Road, Brian M. Marino to Gerard A. Snow, $162,500.

Vienna, 878 NYS Route 49, Sharadchandra G. Desai Revocable Trust to Douglas and Geraldine Kocher, $235,000.

Vienna, 1466 NYS Route 49, Estate of Mildred Duell to Joseph H. and Joanne Boardman, $142,450.

Vienna, 2769 Eckel Road, Estate of Theresa J. Frye to Russell L. Loomis, $45,000.

Vienna, Diane Knapp-Brody (f/k/a Diane M. Brody) and William M. Brody II to Charles and Sandra Mattner, $157,350.

Western, 9819 NYS Route 46, Brian D. Murphy to Eric C. Springer, $63,600.

Western, 7696 Quaker Hill Road, Janet Warcup to Jeffrey L. anbd Ondrea M. Buckley, $159,650.

Western, Quaker Hill Road, The William Eugene Foll and Flora Eileen Foll Living Trust to Sam D. and Laura E. Yoder, $150,000.

Western, 7521 Townline Road, Philip McCarthy to Kellan Sisson, $176,500.

Westmoreland, 4859 NYS Route 233, D. Enterprises, Inc., to James Decker, $133,000.

Westmoreland, 7606 Cider Street, Patricia A. Sullivan to Steven D. Treen, $125,000.

Westmoreland, Stop Seven Road, Christopher R. Langdon to Tassleberry Farms, LLC., $100,000.

Westmoreland, Stop Seven Road, Marone S. Acee to Tassleberry Farms, LLC., $200,000.

Westmoreland, 3 Shannon Circle, Estate of Kenneth R. Jenkins to Jonathan S. and Diane M. Lewis, $158,000.

Westmoreland, 7082 Dix Road, Estate of Louis A. Marocchim, Sr., by Patricia D. Marocchi, Executor, to James D. Marocchi, $25,400.

Whitestown, 34 Hollywood Drive, Mario Family Trust, Patricia Hayes as Trustee, to Michael Salamy, $108,000.

Whitestown, 8140 Cider Street, Joseph A. Jr. and Amy C. Rosato to Robert M. and Barbara M. Johnson, $134,900.

Whitestown, 47 Curran Road, Nicole G. Allen to Shelly A. and George V. DeAngelo, $221,000.

Whitestown, 6 Jonathan Court, George V. and Shelly A. DeAngelo to Roland A. Looman and Nicole Lloyd, $270,000.

Whitestown, 138 West Street, Sally Z. Vance to Garrett Herthum, $75,900.

Whitestown, 37 Herthum Road, Estate of Julius F. Jakobiec to James W. Smith, $105,000.

Whitestown, 5 Mary Street, Judith Stappenbeck to Andrea Lynn Centro, $123,000.

Whitestown, 208 Clinton Street, Lawrence E. Radell as executor, to AMB Properties, LLC, $14,300.

Whitestown, 27 Gardner St., Richard S. Jones to Rachele L. Longley, $101,000.

Whitestown, 138 Ben-Bar Circle, Eugene M. and Lisa K. Casab to Peter and Lorraine Gianakos, $230,000.

Whitestown, 105 Denton Ave., Michael A. and Melissa A. Bannigan to Tamdon Holdings, $93,000.