Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

116 and 114B Lawrence St., Claudia I. Travis to Stanley T. and Suzanne M. Segur, $47,000 ($42,177).

149 N. Crescent Dr., Edward Haynes to Darrell Curtis, $58,000 ($44,218).

1756 N. George St., Armen S. and Cynthia L. Roubian to Chandler M. and Danielle L. Wilcox, $193,000 ($115,000).

720 W. Dominick St., Jeffrey S. Augustine to Nieve Nunez, $50,000 ($69,000).

214 Pleasant St., HUD to Bryant Property Managment, LLC, $27,000 ($46,800).

103-105 1/2 Arsenal St., trustee William A. Cingranelli to Joshua Mullen Realty, LLC, $75,000 ($70,000).

1016 N. James St., Diane Kanicki, Dolores A. and John P. Marchesino to George R. Travis IV, $37,000 ($62,100).

6607 Bartlett Road, Barbara A. Turner; Michelle G. Doneza; Wesley E. and Erwin G. Poile and Karen M. Poile-Bohner to The Farm Assist, LLC $60,000 ($89,000).

102-104 W. Linden St., Claude L. and Sally Ann Knudsen to Robin L. and Chris H. Miller, $118,000 ($64,500).

1012 Westbrook Drive, Joyce T. Frank to Garrett and Jane M. Peterson, $65,000 ($54,400).

7992 Brookside Drive, Walter A. and Paula J. Burnor to Sarah J. Pisaneschi, $156,880 ($84,700).

311 Oakwood St., Charles C. and Gail J. Haynes to Jean R. Healy, $80,000 ($51,000).

812-814 Laurel St., Marc A. and Mark A. Nashton to Lawrence F. and Patricia A. Ehlinger, $1 ($69,400).

210 Hamilton St., Michael D. Egan to Jaime M. Parsons, $93,000 ($59,300).

1604 Carroll St., David L. Arthur and Linda R. Davis, to Jeffrey D. and Paulina A. White, $119,780 ($80,200).

121 Sixth St., Jeffrey A. and Cindy L. Catello to Timothy A. and Regina A. Howe, $72,000 ($56,000).

8 Flower Court, Dolores Ferlo to Joshua M. Karas, $45,500 ($34,900).

1009 N. George St., Davette M. Sanborn to Thomas F. O’Connell, $106,000, ($138,300).

1103 Laurel St., Katrin A. Traverso to Heather A. Meyers, $65,700 ($46,000).

432 Henry St., Monika and William French to PHH Mortgage Corp., $30,739 ($29,300).

7561 Rome-Oriskany Road, Maria and Victor Honczar to Bryant Property Management, LLC, $50,000 ($70,100).

609 Lynwood St., Laura S. Bush to Joy A. Barry, $125,500 ($64,700).

8127 Elmer Hill Road, Patricia A. Scherz to Dion T. and Lauri Scherz, $113,000 ($61,400).

7973 Winfield Circle, Duane A. and Rebecca E. Todd to Joseph F. and Catherine A. Agosto, $152,000 ($74,300).

702 W. Dominick St., Joseph F. and Catherine A. Agosto to Briana L. Short, $94,000 ($53,500).

931-933 W. Dominick St., Dennis T. and Marion P. Brenon to Christopher M. Kent, $94,000 ($57,000).

1912 Bedford St., Javier and Veronica Figueroa to James and Joyce Murphy, $115,000 ($77,800).

6261 Evening Road, Kenneth L. Clark Jr. to US Bank N.A., trustee, $104,405 ($60,100).

408 W. Bloomfield St., Stacy A. Gomez to Daniel Gomez, $1 ($58,500).

7135 Rome-Oriskany Road, estate of Cary E. Downs to Timothy R. and Colleen K. Brown, $83,000 ($68,900).

Bartlett Road, vacant land, Daniel A. Grossman to Lawrence Boulay, $80,000 ($32,300).

106 Luquer St., HUD to Bryant Property Management, LLC, $22,000 ($43,000).

208 Depeyster St., Michael F. Connolly Jr. by Lisa M. Fyfe Connolly to Angela and Alexander Nashton, $25,000 ($32,000).

8008 Brookside Drive, Vito J. and Aleana S. D’Aniello to Adam F. and Wendy A. Barber, $155,000 ($80,400).

905 McKinley Ave., Carol Ceci to Carol Ceci and James J. Cilente, $1 ($55,800).

1007 Valentine Ave., Jane F. Taylor and Angela M. Wilson to Christine Giamporcaro, $10,000 ($90,204).

708 Kent St., Elizabeth A. Gluck to Sherryann Barbato, $76,320 ($63,000).

702 W. Thomas St., Shannon and Daniel Pritchard to Daniel Pritchard, $1 ($53,300).

7530 Lauther Road, Hadwig Bondarenko to Hadwig, Ridger, and Randy Bondarenko, family trust, $1 ($78,700).

606 Sycamore St., Ruth S. Miller to Kathleen M. Miller, $1 ($97,959).

7987 Inwood Drive, Zhen Ying Li to Bryan T. and Judy L. Dacey, $119,000 ($70,500).

7119 Taft Ave., City of Rome to Diane Sawicki, $500 ($2,000).

408 Oakwood St., Kimberly A. Pawlikowski to Bonnie Sieffert, $61,480 ($40,000).

710 W. Embargo St., Joseph Santulli to Ronald L. and Theresa A. Jameson, $94,00 ($71,300).

6763 Williams Road, Mark A. Aiello to Garrett J. Hauf, $112,000 ($50,900).