Jervis Public Library cites donors

Jervis Public Library, 613 N. Washington St., and its Board of Trustees has released the donations received from July 1 through Oct. 17.

The library is a non-profit educational institution and tax-deductible donations are always welcomed and needed, board members said. Donations can be accepted in person, through the mail, or from the library’s website at via PayPal. Credit cards are accepted.

The Board of Trustees expresses their appreciation to those individuals and organizations who continue to support the library. Information is available at the circulation and information desks for: association membership, the memorials, in honor of, and Endless Gift programs, the Giving Tree and the library’s Needs List.

The Board of Trustees also extended thanks to Angeline Marie Amoroso, Ruth M. Palmer, Sharon Bart Pape and Raymond P. Urtz for designating the library to receive gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.

They were in memory of:

Angeline Marie Amoroso from David and Bernadette Arthur; Laura Marchwinski; Robert and Linda Melone and family; Stephen and Marlene Ventresca.

Ruth M. Palmer from Marjorie McMillan; Lois Palmer; Judith S. Staffer; Charles and Gretchen Sprock; Alexandra Stocker.

Sharon Bart Pape from Bruce and Kay Engelbert; Tony and Linda Kimball; Juanita Pileckas; Pat Regan; Randy Caldwell; Amy Lawter; Barb Hughes; Pat and Gail Reilly; Tim and Jaime Reilly; Dan and Cathy Wilson; Claudia Wiley.

Raymond P. Urtz from AFRL in care of Jean Iselo; John and Genie Barry; Dr. and Mrs. John Bay; Christine Betrus; James Cusack; RoAnn and Christopher Destito; Sam and Diann DiNitto; Bruce and Kay Engelbert; Mike and Gina Hayduk; Mike and Helen Hayduk; Mr. and Mrs. Northrup Fowler III; David and Constance Hurd and family; Scott Luczak; Jerry and Joan Pohorenec; Donna Richards; Paul and Laura Rusyniak; Rosina Sestito; Lynn A. Texter; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tillman; Bill and Mary Carmel Wolf.

Other memorials

Additional memorial donations have been received in memory of:

Grace "Jenette" Adams from Mary Jones and Shirley Nasci.

Richard Adolfi from David and Margee Grow and Darlene Hertel.

Bruce S. Allen from Mary K. Swerediuk

Miriam Allen from Jervis Public Library staff and Matte family.

Mary Ann Barber from Desiree Gromelski and family..

Christopher Brown from Amy Surrette.

Eileen M. Butler from the Matte family.

Mary Ann Calicchia from Charles and Gretchen Sprock.

Esther A. Calnero from Rowe and Cindi Wheeler

James Cantanzaro from Sue Gifford and William and Sheila Vacca.

William Carey from Lynn Hughes.

Joseph P. Cavano Sr. from Mr. and Mrs. David C. Grow; the Matte family; Charles and Gretchen Sprock; Jack and Mary Ann Valvo; Claudia Wiley.

Malcolm Didio from Book Club Friends.

Nellie Mae Gebo from the Matte family.

Mary Grisham from Joe and Kathy Olney.

Mary Margaret Tyler Hanrahan from Mr. and Mrs. John W. Grow.

Ann Hurlbut from Gloria P. Nelson.

Ronald Hyde from Viola B. Sestito.

Caroline Izzo from Tom and Pat Parry.

Maurice Jones from Jim and Mary Jones.

Clarence "Keek" Kehoe from Mary Fiore.

Grace Law from Charles and Gretchen Sprock.

Rebecca Levine from Robert and Sharon Ruberti.

William and Louisa Link

Arthur Iodice

Vincent Luvera from Mark and Barbara Vacca and Mary-Ellen Vacca.

Helen Matt from Rachel MacIntyre Kruger and family; Allen and Marilyn MacIntyre; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parry.

Mildred Metro from Stephanie Cicci

Cora Mae Meiss from Jim and Mary Jones; Rick and Kathy Palinski; Marge Palmer.

Patrick Mirabelli from Robert and Jennifer Evans-Fitzgibbon.

Anthony Montalbano from Bob and Chris Corredine; Louise S. Glasso; David and Connie Hurd; Lou and Betti Marucci; Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Neill and family; Stephen and Marie Viscelli.

Vincent Mungari from Mary K. Swerediuk

Marjorie T. Mussen from Rita Page.

Pearl Podolski from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bartholomew.

Arthur G. Putnam and Doris Grow Putnam from George and Shirley Waters.

Leona Rollins from Jean Johnson; Betty Street.

Susanne H. Roser from Linda Hinman; Joan Maurer; Joe and Kathy Olney.

George Rossi Jr. from Charles and Gretchen Sprock; Claudia Wiley.

Angela Zucker from Henry Zucker.

Honor gifts

Gifts given in honor of:

Paul and Jennifer Boulanger from Agatha M. DeBella.

The Special Birthday of Bob Flint from Charles and Florence Kaplan.

The Birthday of Dorothy Griffin from Carla Till.

The Birthday of Sally Hinman from Kirk and Linda Hinman.

The 50th Anniversary of Judge and Mrs. David N. Hurd from Keith and Joyce Butters.

Our Granddaughter Emily Margaret Mumpton from Mrs. William Forbes (Granny).

The 100th Birthday of Thelma Park from Thomas Dunn.

Giving Tree

Giving Tree gifts:

Janice Goetz; Susan Jones; Microquest LLC; Mellony Spinelli.

Other gifts

Other cash gifts and material donations:

Herbert A. Bennett; Delta Lake Veterinary Hospital; Beatrice Ferguson; Darlene D’Amore; Lori Gilbert; Karen Gymburch; Paul Jensen Family; Brenda LaGasse; Barbara Lewthwaite;

Erika Malorzo; Jean Marshall; Walter and Roberta Merrick; Frank Milotte; R. Patrick O’Connor; Tom and Pat Parry; Paul H. Perry, Jr.; Diane Pless; June Pugh; Robert and Joan Purpura; Joan Randall; Sue Rosher; Jim Ruzanski;

Joyce Seals; Nuretta Seymour; Stephanie Simiele; Judy Smith; Mary K. Swerediuk; Jennie Wendt; Cassie Winter; E. Stevens Wright; Marietta Wright; Theresa Ziegler; Henry Zucker.