Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.


Lee, 156 Northwood Circle, James E. and Barbara J. Kembrey to Frederick Jr. and Anna Carnevale, $206,000.

Lee, Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, Weaver Road/Capron Road, residential vacant land, Gianna Carriaolo, to Hyland Partners, Inc., $100.

Lee, 9345 Steadman Road, Joseph W. Jr. and Joy A. Barry to Wayne M. and Betty P. Westcott, $104,000.

Lee, 5442 Lee Center-Taberg Road, Rodney A. and Gina L. Willson to Richard A. and Veronica R. Pedersen, $400,000.

Lee, 5012 Golly Road, Sally Talcott to John Wuthrich, $16,000.

Lee, 9136 Sly Hill Road, Carl Anderegg to Anderegg Properties, LLC, $3,500.

Lee, 8740 Davidson Road, Tracie Ann Casadei to Chester J. and Barbara J. Luszczynski, $98,000.

Lee, 9600 Podunk Road, Wayne D. Spoor to David S. M. and Raluca T. Steinbach, $235,000.

Lee, 6451 Elmer Hill Road, Eunice S. Edwards to Daniel J. and Annette L. Edwards, $100,000.

Remsen, 10455 Dayton Road, Eric S. Wynn Trustee of the Eric S. Wynn Living Trust to Douglas and Melissa McDonald, $68,000.

Remsen, 10645 Bardwell Mills Road, Keith D. Countryman to Joseph Bessmer Jr., $105,894.

Remsen, 10586 Steuben St., Linda M. Finley and Robert Richter to Jennifer L. Scott, $88,200.

Remsen, 11725 Route 365, David C. and Karen A. Hartnett to Gary and Evelyn C. Van Allen, $75,000.

Trenton, Sand Road, residential vacant land, Dean F. Burth to Jeffrey and Jennifer Szatko, $12,500.

Trenton, 8397 Trenton Falls Road, Pamela Jamieson Carrier to Kathryn Baillie, $171,000.

Trenton, 7543 Glass Factory Road, Jeffrey M., Scott T. and Christopher J. Keeney and Susan Stotzky to Marilyn Jones and John J. Allen, $140,100.

Vienna, 2089 Mulholland Road, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Amie L. Bartholomew, $75,150.

Vienna, Stoney Brook Road, residential vacant land, Joseph P. Jr. and James E. Awad to Stephen T. and Jill S. Kelly, $110,000.

Vienna, 8487 Yager Road, Eric E. Parkin to Timothy Wood, $24,000.

Vienna, 107 Drive 17, Susan J. Martin to Frank and Ashlee Rhodes, $40,000.

Vienna, 318 Drive 7, Lot 6, Todd C. and Julie F. Bradbury to Mark T. and Barbara L. Cowles, $160,000.

Vienna, Lot 4 and 5, Murray Brook Road, residential vacant land, Christmas & Associates, Inc. to Jeffrey and Ginger Smith, $21,000.

Vienna, 3865 Oswego Road, SIRVA Mortgage, Inc. to Brandi Houseman, $63,900.

Vienna, 340 Drive 37, Judith M. Foster to James A. and Jacqueline Reed, $252,500.

Vienna, 5713 Merry St., James E. Freeman to Adam Bretsch, $90,400.

Western, Buck Hill Road, non-residential vacant land, John D. Plumley to Raymond Paul Montie III, $40,000.

Western, Sly Hill Road, one-family residential, Donna M. Hatfield to Brian T. Spink, $40,000.

Westmoreland, Route 26, non-residential vacant land, Tary Touhey to Andrew A. and Rose Rossi, $6,000.

Westmoreland, West Carter Road, residential vacant land, Joseph Riccardi to Scott M. and Ashley R. Usmail, $30,000.

Westmoreland, 7466 Stone Road, Stephen M. and Jennifer L. Sabino to Jack L. and Andrea M. Ortiz, $147,000.

Westmoreland, 6181 Bartlett Road, Josephine Godin, fka Josephine Bianco to Charlene A. Hartman, $8,000.

Westmoreland, 5080 Tudman Road, Estate of Frances P. Eldredge to Michael J. Speno, $80,000.

Westmoreland, Creaser Road, The Spartico "Kief" Malara Boys & Girls Club, Inc. to Michael A. and Linda L. Dangler, $10,000.

Westmoreland, 6106 Eureka Road, Andrew M. and Paul Demski to Mark Rice Jr., $125,000.

Westmoreland, Route 26, 11-plus acres, residential vacant land, Estate of William D. Ott to Roger and Debby Perry, $15,000.

Westmoreland, 7193 Cooper St., Joanne Baye to Walt Zarnoch, $29,000.

Westmoreland, 7078 Route 5, James A. Lomanto, Marion T. Carroll, Anita L. Stevens and Joyce M. Cotter to David S. and Jennifer A. Fairbrother, $155,000.

Whitestown, 23 Balsam Circle, Estate of Elinore F. Staskowski to Jason K. and Tracie R. Gondek, $148,000.

Whitestown, 11 Main St., MC Property Holdings, LLC to William Wengert Jr. and Jessica Sickler, $75,000.

Whitestown, 6 Russett Drive, James and Georgian Lambert to James A. Roberts, $242,000.

Whitestown, 19 Devereux Lane, Robert F. Femia and Kimberly A. Ferris to Aaron and Rose Cidzik, $213,000.

Whitestown, 127 Trails Crossing, Frank J. and Andrea L. Centro to Marc and Stacy Pekala, $275,000.

Whitestown, 135 Trails Crossing, Lisa A. Kolek to Frank J. Centro, $219,000.

Whitestown, 1110 Utica St., Branjen Realty Holdings, LLC to Thomas A. and Diana M. Pierce, $114,900.

Whitestown, 179 Wood Road, David Noble to John H. and Lynn M. Haefele, $192,000.

Whitestown, 1204 Utica St., Mark S. and Eileen M. Snogles to Carissa Hajdasz, $82,000.

Whitestown, 8501 Route 69, Hardy Management Company, Inc. to Spirit SPE Portfolio 2007-21, $809,452.

Whitestown, 253 Clinton St., Gregory P. Wurz to Andrew C. and Shravanti R. Halpern, $592,000.

Whitestown, 54 Glenridge Road, Arlington P. and Sandra K. Jetter to Kevin and Stefanie Dorozynski, $214,000.

Whitestown, 44 Roosevelt Drive, Sandra M. Burrows-Schmidt to Tyra L. Smalls, $74,090.

Whitestown, 23 Clarion Drive, John E. Kennelty and Mildred J. Kennelty, trustees of the Kennelty Family Trust to David M. Marasco, $175,000.