Turn troubles lead to ticket

Taking a guess at the true meaning of a turn signal proved hazardous for a teen-age driver on Black River Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

Police said Maggie J. Williams, 16, of 24 Family Circle, Town of Lee, was waiting in the center turning lane on the boulevard at 2:19 p.m. Aug. 18, looking for a chance to turn left into the Price Chopper parking lot. Police said Jenna L. Gillen, 18, of 1008 N. Madison St., was northbound in the driving line, then turned on her blinker to change into the passing lane.

Williams told police that she thought Gillen was signaling a left turn into the Goodyear store, so she thought she could make her own turn. Police said William’s turned left, and her 2006 Ford sedan crashed into the rear driver’s side of Gillen’s 2002 Honda.

No one was injured. Police said Williams was ticketed for failure to yield.

Other accident:

¿ A 36-year-old driver was ticketed for failure to yield after a collision at the intersection of Turin, North James and West Bloomfield streets.

Police said Laurence E. Hadden, of 118 Turin St., was southbound on Turin at 3:58 p.m. Aug. 17 when he tried to make a left turn onto James. Police said Hadden’s 1996 Chrysler suburban collided nearly head-on with a westbound 2003 Honda sedan, driven by Katherine A. Favata, 36, of 9901 Route 26, Ava. No one was injured. Hadden was ticketed.