A sentry for more than 10 years

While reviewing news clips for our Tabloid Tales of the Past columns, we came across a brief item about the B-52 bomber "Mohawk Valley" that stands as a silent sentry near Chestnut Street and Mohawk Drive in Griffiss Business and Technology Park.

Ten years ago this week, the "Mohawk Valley" was moved to its present location from a nearby site to make way for a highway project.

It’s been there ever since, a visible symbol of the Air Force’s past presence and the terrific relationship that Griffiss had with the greater Rome area.

Under the stewardship of veterans groups and other supporters, the B-52 memorial reflects Rome’s past dedication to the Air Force and our country.

The engines of the "Mohawk Valley" are now silent, but after the B-52 landed at Griffiss on Jan. 12, 1960, it flew all over the world, seeing duty over Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. It returned to its home base in 1991 and became a static display after the base was closed in 1995.

The bomber has an image of the Statue of Liberty, the unofficial insignia of the 416th Bomb Wing which flew out of Griffiss, on its tail.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop and take a closer look at the "Mohawk Valley," take the time to do it.