Firm says issues resolved

A construction management firm for the upcoming Strough Middle School renovation says New York City issues were resolved months ago, and it has "not wavered" in commitments to clients including the Rome school district.

The Lend Lease Construction company issued a statement Monday, and forwarded a copy to district Superintendent Jeffrey P. Simons. The district, after learning of New York City overbilling issues, had requested that the company "explain itself," Simons said two weeks ago.

"The matters before the U.S. Attorney from Eastern District of New York were resolved many months ago. We have not wavered in our commitments to provide project management & construction, public partnerships, development, asset and property management to our clients in New York and throughout the United States," said the statement by Mary Costello, Lend Lease senior vice president and head of corporate affairs.

The New York City overbillings led to $56 million in fines and restitution, as addressed in several news reports in April. The Rome school board awarded a contract July 2 to Lend Lease subject to final arrangements, for $635,000-$750,000 depending on Strough’s occupancy. Board President Patricia Riedel said she has not yet signed the contract. Simons has cited several contract provisions to protect the district.