By STEVE JONES Staff writer

The Common Council shot down a proposal from the administration to spend $1,900 to send the city forester to the Leadership Mohawk Valley professional development program.

The council voted 6-1 Wednesday to defeat the proposal that had been tabled at its July 25 meeting, with only Councilor Louis J. DiMarco Jr., D-7, in support.

The proposal made by Brandon Lovett, director of administrative services for the city, himself a program graduate and member of the program’s Board of Directors. He proposed that the city send Thomas Jones to the program, in which 40 participants attend one monthly meeting for 10 months to "learn in-depth and hands-on about various aspects of the Mohawk Valley Region," according to the legislation. The cost was to be split evenly this month and in January 2013.

Councilor John A. Nash, R-6, praised Jones as an employee and the program for its merits, and said he would support sending Jones in a normal year. "But this is not a normal year," he added. "This program is not essential for Mr. Jones to do his job, so I consider it discretionary spending."