City loses more businesses

Another business bites the dust. As of today, several businesses have closed their doors. Among them are the Hollywood Restaurant, Lacy J’s, Forget Me Not Cafe, Jeff’s Trackside, Red Geranium and finally, Sugar Plum Bakery.

Isn’t it sad that there is financial help for larger businesses yet small ones are left to "sink?" Where was the Chamber of Commerce in all of this? Where were the city leaders? If this city exists just to collect property taxes it might be time for homeowners to fold up also.

This area has nothing to offer, not only for residents but also for tourists. The only piece of history left here is Fort Stanwix because all the other sites have met the wrecking ball. Before long, Rome won’t even be on a map. Enough said, the last person out, please turn out the lights.

— Kathleen A. Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.