DEC seeks participants for game birds surveys

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is asking New Yorkers to participate in surveys for two popular game birds: wild turkeys and ring-necked pheasants.

Since 1996, the DEC has conducted the Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey to estimate the number of wild turkey poults (young of the year) per hen statewide. Weather, predation, and habitat conditions during the breeding and brood-rearing seasons can significantly impact nest success, hen survival, and poult survival. This index allows DEC to gauge reproductive success and predict fall harvest potential.

During the month of August, survey participants record the sex and age of all flocks of wild turkeys observed during a participant’s normal travel. Those interested in assisting DEC with the turkey survey can download a Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey form from the DEC website at

Detailed instructions are available with the survey form. Survey cards can also be obtained by contacting a local regional DEC office, by calling (518) 402-8886, or via email at and by typing "Turkey Survey" in the subject line.

For more information on Citizen Science initiatives with DEC, visit their website under the Citizen Science Initiatives at: