Marriage licences

Daniele Anthony Muratore and Melissa Ann Downs, both of Rome.

Paul Joseph Boulanger, II and Christa Marie Martoccia, both of Rome.

Joseph Aquilino Aquino and Lace Marie Cole, both of Rome.

Justin James Deschamps and Morgan Lee Sasenbury, both of Boonville.

Nicholas Aquno, III and Elizabeth Rose Salloum, both of Rome.

Patrick James Mahoney and Tiffany Lynn Sutton, both of Rome.

Francesco Salvatore Galante and Nicole Edna Davis, both of Rome.

Shane Christopher Smith and Brandy Jo Pope, both of Rome.

William Gerard Britton and Ashley Marie Lawrence, both of Rome.

Jacob A. DiBari and Lori A. Trophia, both of Rome.

Andrew James Potter, Jr. and Ashley Marie Button, both of Rome.

Todd Edward VanEtten and Heather Renee Smith, both of Rome.

Theodore Joseph Dombrowski and Shawn Adele Adrian, both of Rome.

John W. Hale Jr., of Rome, and Amber L. Fox, of Camden.

Eric Michael Johnson and Jessica Lynn Monroe, both of Rome.

Albert George Vedder and Samantha Ann Mickle, both of Rome.

Bryant Kenneth Haley and Kelly Ann Smith, both of Portland, Ore.