Griffiss work may make some water dirty

Some residents around the Griffiss Business and Technology Park might have dirty water this evening, as crews will be at the park working on the main water transmission line, according to Public Works Commissioner Frank D. Tallarino Jr.

At about 5 p.m., Water Department crews will be working on the transmission line feeding the park, closing it for a few hours. The crews will repair leaky connections to the main where buildings not in use connect to the system. The work will be done near the Hangar Road pump station.

"That will most likely cause dirty water," said Tallarino. To clear up dirty water, he said, run cold water in the bath tub until it clears.

Some Romans will have their water off during the work, said Tallarino, but they have already been notified by the city.

Meanwhile, with dry conditions all week, the city’s water system has been cranking out 13 million gallons daily for Romans to meet increased demand, Tallarino said. "We’re not putting restrictions on, but just use water prudently." He suggested to those who water their grass to do so in the early morning or late at night, otherwise the hot conditions will burn grass. Also, he said, make sure that attempts to water lawns don’t result in major run-off into driveways and streets, wasting water.