Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions have been filed in the County Clerk’s office. The purchase price is as listed on the cover sheet of the deed.

Most Rome deeds also include in parentheses the assessed market value as listed in the city’s assessment roll.

Rome deeds

1308 Bedford St., Diana L. McConnell to James Robert and Mary Rose Pike, $189,500 ($101,600).

Rome-Taberg Road Parcel 1 and Sleepy Hollow Road Parcel 2, Rome Camp Sites, Inc. to Davidson Management Group, Inc., $200,000 (Parcel 1: $36,400; Parcel 2: $10,000).

Wilson Road, agricultural, John J. Corr II to Peter J. and Rebecca A. Jones, $36,700 ($25,000).

812 Floyd Ave., Ernest and Marie Frasca to Philip E. and Mark V. Frasca, Valerie A. Mata and Karen E. Serrano, $1 ($66,500).

307 Ochab Drive, Theodore A. Pich Estate to John E. Pich Jr., $1 ($45,900).

724 Erie Blvd. W., Theodore A. Pich Estate to John E. Pich, $1 ($83,118).

213 N. George St., Robert and Debra Millard to Christopher J. and Jennifer M. Campos, $89,700 ($56,500).

7747 Halstead Road, Gerald W. Babcock to Joshua J. and Kelly L. Lupinski, $40,000 ($37,000).

214 Pleasant Ave., Attorney Jay G. Williams III, referee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $50,282 ($46,800).

1800 Bedford St., Gerald J. and Frances L. Fiorini to Sharie Lynn Parsons and Jerry Fiorini, $1 ($74,000).

702 Edwards Ave., Francis R. and Tamara M. Lust to Elisha Presser and Charles Coogan, $23,000 ($12,000).

103 Dwight Ave., Estate of Patricia Hudak to Richard and June Rogers, $80,000 (no assessed value indicated).

107 Colonel Drive, Michael M. and Kayleigh J. Fialkowski to Michael S. and Valerie J. Esposito, $116,000 ($59,100).

407 W. Embargo St., Lease 2 Own CNY, LLC to Julian S. Tillman, $73,900 ($56,600).

8360 W. Thomas St., Douglas D. and Elvera E. Brodock to Paul M. and Jennifer A. Moore, $35,000 ($42,000).

128 N. Crescent Drive, Russell G. and Mary Ann Hertel to Donald F. Plumley Jr., $50,000 ($29,500).

507 W. Oak St., Amy B. Gualtieri to Karen M. Mapes, $90,100 ($64,400).

716 Croton St., Sara Martha Gifford, executor to Estate of Theodora R. Gifford to Perry R. Gifford, $47,940 ($58,200).

903 Croton St., Joan Shkane and Frederick Barnes to Annette Casadei, $101,000 ($71,000).

724 N. Washington St., John Smaldon to Michael P. and Elizabeth S. Vaccaro, $58,000 ($89,300).

Brooks Road, non-residential vacant land, Griffiss Local Development Corporation to Sovena USA, Inc., $50,720 (part of $14,956,686).

7996 Inwood Drive, Robert P. and Jessica L. Gann to Michele A. Rivecca, $156,350 ($72,400).

823-825 Calvert St. and 827 Calvert St., Dale A. Yerman to Laura Unangst, $85,000 ($51,000 and $4,700).

402 N. Jay St., EH Pooled 611 LP to FM 611 LTD, $10 ($42,800).

402 N. Jay St., FM 611 LP to Chelsea Katz, $21,000 ($42,800).

1417 Schuyler St., Thomas W. and Genevieve, aka Genevieve M., Panych to Danielle M. Wyman, $68,900 ($50,100).

7451 Canterbury Hill Road, James R. Pike to Sherry M. Lubey, $239,000 ($132,000).

316 W. Court St., James W. Hickey and Barbara Kane to James W. Hickey, $25,000 ($38,100).

100 Park Ave., Richard J. and Elizabeth R. Iodice to Richard J. and Elizabeth R. Iodice, $1 ($67,000).

915 Batavia Ave., Christine McCorduck and Ned and Elizabeth J. Chiacaferro to Debra A. Waite, $75,000 (no assessed value indicated).

801-803 N. Jay St., Salvatore J. and Caterina Piemonte, Anna P. Drewry and Francesca Maria P. Slesinger to Bryant Property Management LLC, $65,000 ($73,200).

419-421 William St., Marour Zeina to Greg R. Bean, $5,000 (no assessed value indicated).

6343 Overhill Drive, Donald S. and Betty Lou Luczak to Donald S. and Betty Lou Luczak and Mark D., Erik J., Craig A. and Scott R. Luczak, $1 ($101,569).

6480 Rome-Westmoreland Road, JoAnn M. Kasby to Matthew R. and Jennifer Judge, $83,000 ($54,200).

105 Turin St., City of Rome to Shannon Randall and Heather Pawlak, $1,200 ($32,900).

114 1/2 W. Court St., Robert J. Sharlow Jr. and Robert J. Sharlow Sr. to Paul Wade, $5,000 ($16,100).

503 Millbrook Road, Albert J. Piazza to Joseph M. Piazza and Gloria J. Scalise, $61,000 ($48,400).

703 Calvert St., Sheila M. (Redmond) Sbraglia, Ronald E. Redmond Jr. and Ricky D. Redmond to Howard David Johnson, $2,500 ($3,000).

604 Hickory St., Santo and Josephine Emmanuele to Edoardo and Carmelo Emmanuele, $1 ($72,500).

604 N. George St., Dorothy S. Brown to Tbrahim and Mary Barahmeh, $115,723 ($117,600).

500 E. Garden St., Robert D. and Jessica R. Butler to Michael P. DeProspero, $93,000 ($51,300).

1002 Westbrook Drive, Felicia Burak to Dorien A. Grimaldi, $54,000 ($48,200).

436 Depeyster St., John Ferratella to Anthony Festa, $10,000 ($43,000).