‘Bath salt’ possession charged

NEW HARTFORD — Two brothers were charged with possession of "bath salts" after law enforcers found one of them walking along Valley View Road Monday night.

Police said Macsim Kozakevich, 16, of Marcy, was found walking along the road at 10:15 p.m. with another man, and neither one could really explain what they were doing out that late. Their stories were conflicting, authorities stated. Police offered to help the two men find Kozakevich’s brother, who they said was at a residence on Sedgewick Park.

However, when police searched the two men, Kozakevich was found with a quantity of bath salts, and he was taken into custody. The other man did not have any drugs, and he was free to go.

Investigators later found the older brother, Artem Kozakevich, 22, also of Marcy. Police said the older Kozakevich appeared to be under the influence, and he was also found in possession of bath salts. The Kozakevich brothers were both charged with seventh-degree possession of a controlled substance, authorities stated. They were released on appearance tickets and are scheduled to appear in Town Court.