How they voted

Here’s a breakdown of how the Airport Committee members voted Tuesday on a proposed agreement with C&S Engineers, Inc., to prepare a master plan for Griffiss International Airport. The tally was six opposed and four in favor, with one absence:

Voting no: Philip M. Sacco, D-9, Deerfield; George J. Joseph, R-10, Westmoreland; Michael J. Clancy, D-12 Verona; Chad Davis, D-18, Clinton; Joseph M. Furgol, D-27, Utica; James Murphy, D-29, Rome.

Voting yes: James M. D’Onofrio, R-15, New Hartford; Brian D. Miller, R-16, New Hartford; Emil R. Paparella, R-24, Utica; and David J. Wood, R-28, Rome.

Absent: Brian P. Mandryck, R-17, Lee.