Teen on ‘bath salts’ wanted to eat baby, police say

The synthetic drug "bath salts" continues to be a problem for multiple law enforcement agencies across multiple counties, including one incident in Utica Monday when a teen-ager said he wanted to eat a baby.

¿ Utica Police said they were called to the 200 block of North Genesee Street for an emotionally disturbed person. They said they found a man sitting on a bench with his 18-year-old son. The man told police that the teen-ager had used bath salts two days prior, and had been using cocaine, acid, angel dust and LSD over the past week.

The son said he had been hearing voices, according to police, and also claimed that he wanted to eat people and rip babies apart, so that he could eat them. Police said the teen had also cut the back of his leg to taste his own blood.

Police said the teen was deemed mentally ill and was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in New Hartford for treatment.

¿ On Tuesday, the Oneida Indian Nation Police found a disoriented man on Nation land in the Town of Munnsville in Madison County, officials said. The man had broken into a barn in a fenced-in game preserve on East Hill Road. Authorities said the man had removed some of his clothes and was acting paranoid, claiming that he was hiding from people who were chasing him. There was nobody there, authorities said.

The man, whose identity was not released, was charged with trespass in Stockbridge Town Court. Authorities said the man has a long history of sale and possession of drugs.