Jervis trustees cite donors

Jervis Public Library has announced donations received April 21 through June 30.

The Board of Trustees notes that the library is a non-profit educational institution and tax-deductible donations are "always welcomed and needed." Donations can be accepted in person in the library at 613 N. Washington St., through the mail, or from the library’s website via PayPal. Credit cards are accepted.

The Board of Trustees expressed its appreciation to those individuals and organizations who continue to generously support the library. Information is available at the circulation and information desks for: Association membership, the memorials, in honor of, and Endless Gift programs, the Giving Tree, and the library’s Needs List.

Special acknowledgement is given to the Dorothy G. Griffin Charitable Foundation for continued interest in and support of the library; BAE Systems/Employee Margo Taylor for their support of the Children’s Room; and Rome Lions Club for donation of two maple trees.

"Sincere appreciation" is also extended to the families of Clarence "Keek" Kehoe and Suzanne H. Roser for designating the library to receive gifts dedicated to the memory of their loved ones.

Donations in memory of Clarence ‘Keek’ Kehoe were from Pat Bigalow, Lawrence and Marilyn Campbell, Louise Ceravolo, Robert and Jennifer Evans-Fitzgibbon, Cedrick and Jill Flanders, Steven and Cynthia Flanders, Frances Henderson, Doug and Tara Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leffert and Pat Ripley, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leffert, John and Carole Maksymczuk, Tracy Melone, Salvatore and Wendy Marchese, Nancy McCaffrey, Gordon and Betty Moore, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, Stokes School Sunshine Fund, Dominick and Donna Tagliaferri, Jack and Mary Ann Valvo, Doris J. Vidzar, Anthony and Camille Vinci.

Donations in memory of Suzanne H. Roser were from Betty Clancy, Mary Ann Conway, Eggan Family (Doug, Martha, Rachael, Sarah, Allyson), Susan Fruin, Rich and Denise Giardino, Don Hyde, Joe and Barbara Jalbert, Richard and Elizabeth Joyal, Kahler Family (Ann, Bob, Heather, Sharon, Tracy and Jody, and Nancy Kahler Morgan), Ann and Eddie Kullmann, Janice Kullmann, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Leidig, Rocco and Sharyn Longo, Paul, Marcia and Jenna Marcellus, Dan and Jody O’Connell, George Olney, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parry, Herm and Joanne Reams, Bob and Joanne Rosenburgh, Reggie Smith, Barbara Smits, Chris Trophia, Geoffrey and Karen Walker, Bob and Sheila (Volk) Wentworth

Other memorials

Additional memorial donations have been received in memory of:

Roy Austin from Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Betty Mack Beckwith from Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bojanek, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Guiliano and Olga Bartolotti

Thelma Bergstrom from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagerty

Jean Brennan from Ron and Marie Hughes

Esther A. Calnero from Kirk and Linda Hinman, William and Elaine Morgan, Paul and Michelle Jensen, Jim and Donna Smaldon, Michael and Dolly Smaldon, Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Peter Joseph Cappio from Bob and Chris Corredine

Robert Coluccio Sr. from Mary-Ellen Vacca

John Corbin from Betty Clancy

Theresa Corradino from Steve and Marie Viscelli

Roman Czerwinski from Bob and Chris Corredine

Theresa Fiorini D’amore from Lori Edel, Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Anthony Darcangelo from John and Genie Barry

Richard P. Delutis Sr. from Rose Deangelo

Leo Derrick from Gloria P. Nelson

Paul A. Destito from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagerty

Maria Dipaolo from Mary-Ellen Vacca

Mary Doherty from Marge Palmer

Gary H. Dunn from Nan K. Pfrimmer

Anna Fiorenza from Tom and Pat Parry

Joseph R. Fusco Sr. from Dave and Margee Grow

Fran Gallupi from Tom and Pat Parry

Paula George from Dave and Margee Grow

Carolyn Goyette from Viola B. Sestito

Mary Elizabeth Gurley Grisham from Felice Family, Pfrimmer Family

Randy Izzo from Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parry, John and Sheila Wilson

Sandra L. Lockwood from Diana Wetmore

George Marafioti from Mary-Ellen Vacca and Children, Mr. and Mrs. William Vacca

Mary Jane Melie from Jack and Mary Ann Valvo

William J. Murphy from Judge and Mrs. David Hurd

Dorothy Louise Partelow from Dawn Dunn

Gregory Procopio from Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown

Dorothy Prossner from Pat Bigalow

Catherine D. Pugliese from Bob and Chris Corredine, James and Judith Cortese

Anne V. Sehl from Agatha M. Debella, Milana Debella Ciotti, Donna Debella Hoffman

Rose Sorbello Sessa from Mary-Ellen Vacca

Bette Smith from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagerty

Bob Waters from Charles and Gretchen Sprock

Carol Waters from Pfrimmer Family

David F. ‘Prof’ Weisenburger from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hagerty

Murray Christopher (Chris) Wilson from Charles and Gretchen Sprock, John and Sheila Wilson

Joseph Zollner from Marie C. Parry, Jack and Pat Wyman

Honor gifts

Gifts were given in honor of:

The 50th wedding anniversary of Val and Sandy Devisser from Bruce and Kay Engelbert

The 50th wedding anniversary of Bob and Carol Mclean from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabe

The 50th wedding anniversary of Charlie and Gretchen Sprock from Bruce and Kay Engelbert

The 60th wedding anniversary of Harry and Mary Winberg from Bruce and Kay Engelbert

The birthday of Mazie Zingerline from Bruce and Kay Engelbert

Other gifts

Other gifts were received from: Mary Alaimo, Janet Bennett, Joe and Kathy Bernabe, Kyle Clark, Kelly Edward, Beatrice Ferguson, Shelby Fox and Customers of Just Breathe Yoga Studio, Deanna Hubbard (Deanna’s Nest Egg).

John Jeffers, Mabeline Klepadlo, Magnolia & Mimosa Twigs, Debbie Napierkowski, John B. Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Primack, June Pugh.

Joan Randall, Alyce Rieck, Karen Ritz, Cindy Roubian, Nuretta Seymour, Joanne Scott, Joyce Seals, Jonathan Shank, Mary Siddiqui, and Gary Witchley.