Food service inspections

County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are health department ratings after recent inspections:


Restaurant conditions were found unsatisfactory.

EMPIRE CITY, 913 Court St., Utica, April 27: Live and dead roaches found in kitchen; floor, kitchen cooler door, shelves in walk-in cooler, and dining area floor need cleaning; cans of roach killer spray in kitchen, corrected; pesticide use not supervised.

TRIANGLE COFFEE SHOP, 244 Genesee St., Utica, May 9: On May 8 a health department employee saw food worker prepare sandwich with bare hands, fine issued.

SHERRILL NY PIZZERIA, 125 E. Seneca St., Sherrill, May 9: Sandwich cooler needs thermometer; hair improperly restrained; floor tiles missing, floor needs cleaning; bare bulbs in basement; pizza cutter stored on paper plates.

IRON KETTLE COFFEE SHOP, 215 E. Dominick St., May 17: Cook handling toast with bare hands — corrected, toast discarded; on May 11, a health department employee saw cook handle lettuce, tomatoes, chips, toast and cooked bacon with bare hands.

THORNBERRY’S BACKSTAGE, 1011 King St., Utica, May 17: Food worker makes salad with bare hands, corrected, salad discarded; kitchen door open, no screen.

DELMONICO’S ITALIAN STEAKHOUSE, 147 North St., Utica, May 17: Waitress removed cooked sweet potato from microwave with bare hands, corrected, potato discarded; shelves in cooler dirty.

FU DA, 685 Bleeker St., Utica, May 18: operating without valid permit; ice cream scoops stored in stagnant water; raw chicken, shrimp and other raw meat stored above melons, lemons and other ready-to-eat food.

BURRITO BLUES CAFE, New Hartford Shopping Center, May 21: Probe thermometer missing, broken; large kitchen cooler missing thermometer.

BUDGET INN, 5920 Airport Road, Oriskany, May 23: operating without valid permit; no thermometer in refrigerator — corrected.


The following restaurants were previously found unsatisfactory. A reinspection was recently completed.

SHERRILL NY PIZZERIA, 125 E. Seneca St., Sherrill, May 29: All violations corrected


The following establishments were in substantial compliance with sanitary code. However, some violations were noted.

FOOD CONSULTANTS INC, Utica National Insurance, 180 Genesee St., New Hartford, May 7: Flat of shelled eggs on counter for unknown period of time, corrected, eggs discarded; broken thermometer in serving line cooler.

EATWELL, LIVE WELL, 25 Paris Road, New Hartford, May 9: precooked pulled pork heating at low temp, corrected.

MR. SMOOTHIE, Route 5&5A, New Hartford, May 11: Ice scoop stored in ice machine, corrected; broken thermometer in yogurt cooler, corrected.

AUNTIE ANNES SOFT PRETZELS, Sangertown Mall, New Hartford., May 11: Potentially hazardous food in cooler not below 45° — corrected.

VERONA HOTEL, 5693 E. Main St., Verona, May 10: Grease buildup on fryers, stove, walls, and ventilation hood.

THE CORNER DINER TOO, 57 E. State St., Sherrill, May 9: Eating and drinking in food prep area, corrected; small cooler needs thermometer.

NAYES MANOR APTS., 600 W. Hinds Ave., Sherrill, May 9: Eating in prep area, corrected.


SHERRILL COMMUNITY CENTER, 139 E. Hamilton Ave., May 7.

CHURCH OF THE HOLY FAMILY, 4352 Peterboro St., Verona, May 7.

ROBERT MYLES ELEMENTARY, Clinton Road, New Hartford, May 8.

McALLISTER SCHOOL, 217 Kinsley St., Sherrill, May 9.

NORTH UTICA SENIOR CENTER, 50 Riverside Drive, Utica, May 10.

OUR CAUSE, 6821 Lakeshore Road North, Verona Beach, May 10.

AUNTIE ANNE’S PRETZELS, Sangertown Mall, New Hartford, May 11.

ECONOLODGE, 145 E. Whitesboro St., May 16.

NEW RATGER BAR, DISCO & GRILL, 1600 Rutger St., Utica, May 17.

AMBASSADOR RESTAURANT, 535 Albany St., Utica, May 17.

DelVECCHIO’S, 416 W. Dominick St., May 17.

PHILLY’S NEIGHBORHOOD BAR & GRILL, 415 W. Dominick St., May 17.

D.A. BENTLEY, 812 Charlotte St., Utica, May 17.

THAT PLACE, Bleeker Street, Utica, May 17.

SKENANDOA CLUB, 7105 Norton Ave., Clinton, May 20.

SULPHER SPRINGS GOLF COURSE, 9256 Sulpher Spring Road, May 23.

RED ROOF INN, 20 Weaver St., Utica, May 23.

NICKY DOODLES, 54 New Hartford Shopping Center, May 21.

GRANDE’S ICE CREAM, 1801 Welsh Bush Road, Utica, May 22.

TOWN OF PARISSENIOR CENTER, Supher Springs Road, Sauquoit, May 23.

LaQUINTA INN AND SUITES, 5394 Willow Place, Verona, May 25.

BURRITO BLUES CAFE, New Hartford Shopping Center, May 25.