Make effort to improve city

Is anyone ever satisfied? As I frequent coffee shops, restaurants, etc. it seems conversations are all negative. There is always someone complaining about our city. There are those would like more community events and those who want some events discontinued. It’s time for the "negative nellies" to step up to the plate and present some ideas to our city leaders.

The 4th of July passed without any significance, which is a shame, since we have Fort Stanwix represented in the middle of Rome. Let alone there were no fireworks or parade, there wasn’t even a flare. Forget "Honor America Days" after the fact. Schedule the celebration to coincide with the holiday. Instead of fireworks for "Santa," let’s enjoy them at the proper time. These days are difficult for many families to afford vacations with their children and therefore, we need more community events for those who stay close to home and let’s try to be more understanding of those who are less fortunate and are unable to travel. If everyone made an effort, Rome could be a better place to live.

— Kathleen Murphy,

1404 Franklyn St.