By DAVE GYMBURCH Staff writer

New chairpersons have been assigned for the 2012-13 year for three of the five Board of Education committees that focus on curriculum, employees, buildings and money.

The committees, which include in-depth discussions before topics are brought to the board’s regular meetings including recommendations on votes, previously had the same chairs for three straight years. But board President Patricia Riedel, who assigned the committees, said "after awhile you need to move people around" so they have "a little more sense of what’s going on" overall.

The committees, each with three members from the 9-seat board, are buildings and grounds; finance; instruction and services; personnel; and policy.

Members for 2012-13:

¿ Buildings and grounds: Paul Hagerty, chair; Louis Daniello; Leonard Summa.

¿ Finance: Jennifer Geiger, chair; Hagerty; Summa.

¿ Instruction and Services: Mary Davis, chair; Richard Miller; Karen Fontana.

¿ Personnel: Louis Daniello, chair; Amanda Cortese; Geiger.

¿ Policy: Amanda Cortese, chair; Davis; Fontana.

Cortese and Geiger are the only chairs continuing from the prior 2011-12 year. Riedel said she based her committee selections on members’ areas of expertise and/or interests, adding that some members indicated committee preferences while others did not. The one new board member for 2012-13 is Karen Fontana, a retired teacher.

The committee meetings are open to the public, but do not set aside a formal time for public comment. However, Riedel said if a member of the public wanted to ask a question during a meeting, committee chairs typically have accommodated it.

The committees generally meet at the school district office, 409 Bell Road, unless otherwise noted. Among upcoming meetings are personnel, Wednesday at 11 a.m., and instruction and services, July 24 at noon. Ongoing meeting schedules for 2012-13 have not yet been set.